Classroom Organization – Guidelines For Teaching Rules and Procedures

Effective classroom management begins when a teacher knows the particular types of disruptive behavior s/he wants to curb and the types of positive behavior s/he wants to promote. Rules need to be thoughtfully planned with positive reinforcement and feedback.

 Rules refer to general expectations or standards for classroom behavior. The purpose is to create a strong expectation what is or is not acceptable. Some examples are:

• Well prepared material
• come to class on time
• Be respect to students when they are talking about their opinion

Ideally, you should start teaching your rules on the first day of school and continue reviewing them throughout the year putting a special emphasis on the first month.

 Procedures refer to a specific activity and methods for accomplishing daily routines. Some examples are:
• policy for handing in late assignments
• policy for coming in late
• policy for working in groups

 How should you go about teaching rules?
• State the rule clearly.
• Discuss why the rule is important
• Provide both positive and negative examples of the rule
• Don’t overdo this one, but discuss the consequences
• Do not make much rules (3-4 should be enough)

Group 5:
Titiah Dewi Masitoh (2009110024)
Evik Dwi Priagung (200110028)
Novani Lieadi (2009110032)
Huda Marofiq (2009110042)


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Article for Week 13

There are four basic areas in managing classroom: Establishing Classroom Climate – the arrangement and atmosphere in class; Conducting Class Efficiently – manage time and students; Reaching All Students – delivery, encouragement, teaching methods; Establishing Discipline – make rules and regulation.

In creating classroom climate teacher wants, first decide arrangement of class. Discuss with students how to arrange the class. Make agreement with students to keep maintain a comfortable environment.

By good time and students management the class will run efficiently. Both students and teacher have to aware the procedure of the class. So, the students will be more focus in learning and it will help students became more discipline.

There are three ways to reach all the students. First make your delivery variously. Use facial expression and body language. Second, encourage students to be active and do their best, show to them that you are believe they can do it. Third, use vary and interesting teaching strategies to make learning interesting.

Rules and regulations are important to maintain the class keeps under control and discipline. It will grow students respect in each other.

Rahayu Wilujeng K.

Nur Arifin

Ismi Apriliani

Triana Afriani


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Twelfth Reflection


In this week, my friends and I have learned about Instructional Variables that could promote students’ motivation in learning there are introductory focus, personalization, involvement, and feedback. Before going to the main part of today’s lesson Ms Lydia ask us to express our feeling by giving short emoticon. Ms Lydia shows us a video about how kindergarten teacher could control their class effectively. That could be happen because teacher did their best to make a rule together with the students and use some movement when saying the rule at the beginning of the class. After that MS Lydia ask us to make a motivation session in group. My group choose topic about “how to be interesting teacher”. I can’t believe that we did motivation session outside the class. The motivator should have an enough self confidence when deliver their material. In my opinion Riyan have did their best to deliver the material, he use some concrete example and making interactive communication with the audience. I also thanks to the audience because they give us some feedback on the spot. After last group perform and get back to the class, I just realized that Ms Lydia didn’t give material yet about Instructional Variables that could promote students’ motivation and I know after did motivation session we have learned about technique for providing Introductory Focus, some technique are using problem or questioning and concrete examples. Thank you for reading. 🙂


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Be a Motivator . . .

In this meeting, firstly Ms. Lidya asked us to show our feeling at that time with only express it through our face expression. Because of last night I slept late, so I showed sleepy expression. But, by looking my friends expression, it decrease my sleepy feelings, hehe, they were so funny 🙂

After that activity, Ms Lydia explained us about other things that influence student motivation to learn. It is an instructional variable. We were asked about what factors that makes students interest to the lesson or task, and we answered as follows: the lesson or task is about something new, useful, challenging, related to real life situation, makes curious, given in the right time, we need the knowledge, delivered by using visual aid, games, ICT, video or film, fun but still effective, there are some rewards, the teacher is humorist and not “killer”, combination activity with kinesthetic and visual, and the classmates are motivating.

We also watched a video about learning process in a kindergarten. On that video show us about the power of teacher instruction that makes students obey the rule through interesting way. After we watched that video, we discuss it in pair. Beside the positive effect from teacher instruction, we also find the limitation. We conclude that through that instruction, students may always wait teacher instruction, so they cannot increase their initiative, because on that video, teacher always give instruction for the whole activity in that class. That’s our opinion.

The last activity was motivation session. The blog’s groups were asked to become a motivator for our classmates. My group chose a topic about the motivation of our friends to be a teacher is about their own passion or only to find a job for their need (money). Through that motivation session, we hope that our friends will have a motivation to be a teacher not only about money. Unfortunately, my performance was not going well, it because of lack of preparation. But, from this session I learnt much about other group performance and also my group. Aida Rahmi 2009110014


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Reflection Week 12

In the last meeting we learnt about Instructional variables, how we develop students interest in learning activities. First, Ms.Lydia asks us to show our expression what we feel without any voice. Because I felt so excited so I show ‘extra’ smile to them :p

“Learning would be interesting if . . .” for me learning would be interesting if I have classmate that can respect and care each other, because it makes me feel more comfortable and be more interesting to learn. We share and discuss it together. After that we watch a video about teaching and learning situation in one class. That video show us how teachers’ instruction can makes students feel interested to learn. We also discuss it with peers. It’s as easy as looked because teachers can easily control the students, but we believe that teacher needs to careful in giving instruction. Teachers also have to get students attention in the lesson beginning. It is Introdutory Focus like what Ms.Lydia explain, so a lesson beginning can attracts students attention and provides a conceptual framework for the lesson.

Next activity is the most interesting activity because Ms.Lydia ask us to present something that can be motivate other friends, in other word we act like a real motivator. Huaaaaaa  It’s will not be easy. In my group; Dian, Riyan, and I, we motivate other friends to be a fashionable teacher. So we try to makes others knows how to be a fashionable as a teachers because students will be more interesting to learn if teachers dressed in a neat. Actually we did that motivate session in outside campus, it makes us little bit shame. In other side, we really enjoy because Ms. Lydia act like a friend with us.

Mita Pustari


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Reflection week 12

The first thing we do when class starts is to express our feelings with facial language. We express our faces alternately with the circular. I see their faces very funny when you’re expressing it.
Our topic this week is variable instruktional. The focus of the initial introduction say about the lessons that interest students and provide a conceptual framework for the lesson. Teachers should make learning meaningful or enjoyable meeting. It can be motivating for students because they love the topic, not a teacher. Personalization is about connecting the subject with real-life situations. With this, students will be motivated if they know the purpose and application in real life.
After that, Ms.Lydia asked us to play a role as a motivator to motivate prospective teachers. Before playing a role, we conducted a small discussion of the group. When the discussion, we actually feel the confusion about the topic we choose. Finally, we find an interesting topic that teachers fashionable. We will train a new generation of teachers how to be fashionable teacher who can be role models and the center of attention.
Group I had the first opportunity to do so. It made me nervous group. Although the performance should be done outside the campus, which is so hot and crowded, the group I just go ahead and focus on what we will convey to our audience. Ruth did his part well. A lot of funny things are really beyond my expectations ….  🙂


Nia Salamah




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Reflection week 12

As usual MMSEL course is very exciting for me. At the first time, Ms Lydia asked us to make a big of circle. Then, we had to express our feeling, it was a funny activity, because i saw how my friends expressed their feeling in many ways. 🙂

Last week, Ms Lydia explains about instructional variables which are promoting students motivation in the class. There are four parts of instructional variables, The variables are introductory focus, personalization, involvement and feedback. Introductory focus is about lesson beginning, how the teacher attract students attention and image of the lesson. Teacher should make an interesting part but meaningful on the beginning of the lesson, it can influence of students motivation to learn also get response and good initial assessment of students. Personalization is about how the teacher make connection between students lives and material given. It can help student to understand more about the material, and it can motivate students to learn. The teacher can use real life example to link the material and students lives, because its familiar of students lives. involvement is about how the teacher involve students in learning process. the teacher can involve students in groups, games or activities in the class. And for feedback is about how the teacher giving feedback that can increase intrinsic and self efficacy of students.

After Ms Lydia explains about that, she showed us video. the video is about how the teacher giving instruction and handle the classroom. the video was inspiring for me, because i saw even teacher and students are enjoy in the class. the teacher use variety activities to make students understand the material. Then, we did discussion in pair about the video.

After discussion, we did role play. Ms.Lydia asked us to join with our group. my group are Ipin, Ismi, ayu and I. The theme of our role play is doubt become a teacher. we tried to motivated the audience for not doubt become a teacher. and the motivator of my group is Ipin, he did great job for that. 🙂

Thats all for my reflection, see you 🙂

Triana Afriani



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