Week 1 Reflection

25 Sep

This week is the first meeting in Motivation and Management of Students for Effective Learning (MMSEL) subject. Before entering the class, I felt so sleepy caused of the schedule. Yes, MMSEL class will start at 8 a.m.. It makes (nope, forces actually :p) me to wake up earlier in the morning. That’s why I felt sleepy in that time. I also felt curious with the lecturer, Ms Lidya. Actually, I have already met  her in the Welcoming Worship last Friday. But, I really want to see the way she taught us. Besides the lecturer, I also curious about the subject. I want to know what new knowledge that I will get from this subject.

From the meeting, I reflect so many things about my teaching, especially on the motivation side. I realize about what thing that motivated me to become a teacher. Actually, I didn’t have it specifically. I just like to teach someone, the feeling when I see someone understand with my explanation is so grateful. Then, I remember my teachers that inspire me to become a teacher, i.e.:

My Biology teacher (Junior High School), because she taught me in a different way. She makes me understand Biology through her story. Yes, she always tells a story about the topic that being taught.

My Mathematics teacher (Junior High School), because she made me see mathematics in real life situation. He is my first mathematic teacher that use real life example in the lesson.

My PETA’s lecturer (SSE), because he showed me many ways to teach Mathematics. Those new methods are really new and innovative for me, because I haven’t seen it in my study before.

Those three teacher (and lecturer actually) really inspire me and become my motivation to become a good teacher. I also reflect on myself, that later I want to do what they did to me: motivate my students.

Through this first meeting, I can conclude that I have my own expectations of this subject. I hope I can get more understanding and knowledge about motivation. This is important, because I also learned that motivation come from 2 sides, intrinsic and extrinsic. I can help myself (and other people also) to dig my intrinsic motivation. I also can give any extrinsic motivation to my students on they learning activity. This skill and knowledge will enrich me to become a great teacher someday. 🙂

Jonathan Saputra



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2 responses to “Week 1 Reflection

  1. evikdpriagung

    September 26, 2011 at 10:00 pm

    wow, great reflection joey,
    actually, not only you, I also feel sleepy in that morning, because I think it’s too early to start our lectures, hahahahahahaha.
    actually, in the beginning,I also curious about MMSEL course, before the first meeting, I think MMSEL will be scary course, hahahahah/
    hoooo, you have three idol to make you be a good teacher, it’s very good, I hope you can be better from them. keep spirit and keep rock ya. Together we will make different, I also wantto be unique teacher. ahhahahahah

  2. masterzeld

    September 27, 2011 at 9:21 am

    I am impressed with your reflection.
    About the schedule, I also agree with you. I think 8.00 am quite early for you who live outside Jakarta. It must be hard for you to arrived in the campus before 8.00 am.

    Actually, I also curious about this subject. Even, because of my overwhelming curiosity I expect too high ( and too far) in the first meeting. This thing makes me felt disappoint, but then I could manage my disappointment.
    About inspired teacher, I also agree with the last lecturer you mentioned above. He is really inspired teacher that I have ever met (until today). As you said to me, he look like has unlimited stock of teaching ways. I hope one day I could surpass him. Amin.


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