First Class Reflection: Motivation’s Motive

26 Sep

Nick Vujicic


Talking about motivation, it reminds me to two things, first Mario Teguh, Andrie Wongso and friends, and second Inception. Those two things are related to motivation strongly (based on my perception), but before I go through to those things I want to talk about our first class.

From the beginning class, I have high expectation about MMSEL subject. I think as teacher candidate we need to know about motivation. The reason is very clear, we will (I hope it will not happened) found a situation where our students’ intention to learn are drained. The situation where teacher must be become motivator instead teacher. It will be disaster if the teacher does not have any knowledge about motivating students in the class. So, it is very important for teacher to have capability in motivation field, especially motivation in education.

From this first meeting I felt little bit unsatisfied. I thought I will learn about how to motivate 101, but in the first class the first lesson is intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. At first I felt disappointed; but then I think that this first lesson will be very important, basic foundation, in motivating. From the first lesson too, I learn about the endurance of a motivation. The intrinsic motivation is stay longer than the extrinsic one.

The interesting thing of the first lesson is sometimes extrinsic motivation could be transform become intrinsic motivation. For me this thing is the most interesting part and this thing also call information about Mario Teguh and friends & Inception from my brain suddenly. As we know, Mario Teguh and friends is good motivator in Indonesia, they motivate many people, change people’s mind, shift people’s perception & paradigm, and ‘manipulate’ people’s unconscious. For some of them it works very well. They changed, following what the motivator said to them. Extrinsic motivation from motivator becomes their intrinsic motivation. The problem is not all of the people who have been motivated could change like motivator desired.

The case become more interesting, why some people motivated, and why the other not? I found two answers; first the motivation is really sound not logical. The second answer is come from a movie, Inception. The main character who played very well by Leonardo di Caprio said that to put an idea inside someone brain, extractor must go very deep (in the movie they went to 3 level of dream; dream within a dream, which is still within a dream).

I assumed the same rule also work on motivation, the motivator must go very deep through someone mind, plant an idea, make it natural & so real, and keep it grow. The problem is not all people have similar or same depth level of consciousness. Some people may have shallow unconsciousness, maybe even stranger who they met in the road could change their mind easily. Some other people have deep level of unconsciousness; even motivation from professional motivator will hardly take place.

I hope from this subject I could learn how to motivate students who have drained motivation to learn, so I could help them to gain their spirit to learn. And also, I hope I could learn how to go deep enough through people unconsciousness to plant a motivation, hence extrinsic motivation from me could transform become their intrinsic motivation.

Huda Marofiq


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3 responses to “First Class Reflection: Motivation’s Motive

  1. evikdpriagung

    September 26, 2011 at 10:19 pm

    wow, great reflection huda,
    hmmmm, you felt disappointed in the first meeting, when we talk about intrinsic and extrinsic, why, can you give me more explanation, hehehehehe.
    ye, i agrre with you, when our friend talked about their teacher idol and their reason about they want to be a teacher, this is a interesting one, because we can know about our friend deeply, they have so wonderful experience. 🙂

    • masterzeld

      September 27, 2011 at 8:59 am

      I felt disappoint at first, but later on I realize that those materials are very useful. As I mentioned above, my expectation of this class is too high at first. I thought we would learn about how to motivation students (directly in the first class). But then, I think that expectation is too high for me who have not sufficient/deep enough about motivation.

      Yeah, I also agree with you about our friends inspire teachers. They bring hopes for us, and for our future.

  2. fitriyanimajid

    September 28, 2011 at 7:38 pm

    I like your choosing picture Huda. three of time when I get motivation seminar, I am always show video with the actor is someone in that picture 🙂 that’s video always touching my heart when I seen it.


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