My reflection

02 Oct

This was the second meeting of MMSEL class. Alhamdulillah, I did not come late today.. J but there were still our friends who came late, although Ms. Lydia guessed that our friends already in class..

We started the class with games. The rule of games was repeated the utterance of our friends about their breakfast today. This morning, I ate Lontong that contain of carrots, potatoes and shredded. I felt that this games was interesting because it could measure our memory or concentrate of our brain in the morning..

Next session was presentation. Actually, we already made poster on flipchart in previous meeting. My group’s poster was about sociocultural perspective of motivation. We presented our poster to others. Then, others group also presented their poster to another groups. The first, I presented my poster’s group to Mita and Nia (from other groups). Then, I moved to other groups to know what they wrote in flipchart, such as Joe about Cognitive Theories and Ratih was about Humanistic Theories. After finished the presentation, Ms.Lydia asked Mba Shinta and me about our boyfriends. Which one of motivation theories that relates to our boyfriends as our motivator. I answered sociocultural because I learned with my boyfriend and we always support each other.

Furthermore, we continued to the next topic, it was about Maslow Theory. Fortunately, it was a topic that has been explained by Ratih’s groups. So, their group re-explained again in front of the class. In this session, Riyan asked to Ratih’s groups about the stages of Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of Needs. He felt that the stages of writing were not like the poster of ratih’s groups. Actually I agree with Ms. Lydia that the stages of Abraham Maslow Hierarchy of Needs were appropriated with age. For example, a baby has needs the basic of Maslow Theory was physiological. In addition, the needs of a person was increasing when the age of the person also increase to the higher stages. But a person could go back to the previous step if he has not gotten his needs, for example self-esteem or love.

Then, Ms.Lydia gave us an article about self-determination. We read and shared what we learnt from the article in pairs. My partner was Ismi. Then, we shared again in other pairs. After sharing session, Ms. Lydia gave us a piece of paper that contains a topic of scenario for our role play. My group consists of Huda, Ratih, Ismi, Aida and I. We got role play about the needs of relatedness. It was very important for us to have a relationship with other without looking one’s strengths and weaknesses.  OK!!

I did not realize that the time of this course was over. I really felt enjoy of this class… THANK YOU..J

Titiah Dewi Masitoh




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3 responses to “My reflection

  1. evikvedpriagung

    October 4, 2011 at 5:41 am

    hahahahahah, oke good reflection Titiah,
    something that I make laugh is about boyfriend, actually this is very important to s to know that our boy/girlfriend has a important role in my life. They give as motivation to do something better. So, sometime we need them. But, not all of my friends have boy/girlfriend yah. hahahahha.
    thank you for your reflection.

    • titiahdewimasitoh

      October 5, 2011 at 11:10 am

      thanks evik..
      I am one of your friends who have a boyfriend.. how about you?? hahaha 🙂

      I agree with you that “They give as motivation to do something better”.. Ok!!

      we have a boy/girlfriend make our lives more coloful… preeettt

  2. lydiarihta

    October 5, 2011 at 2:33 pm

    Good posting, Titiah.. good to know that you enjoy the class and learn the topics as well.. Hope one day you can be a good teacher who always keep your students motivated.. for now you can learn by motivating the person that’s close to you 😉


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