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03 Oct


My Second Reflection of Motivation and Management of Students for Effective Learning in Thursday, September 29, 2011 is very beautiful you know what in the beginning of class Mrs. Lydia asked a funny question. The question is “which what theories of psychology that we use to motivated our girlfriend or boyfriend?” and the question is pointer for Titiah Dwi Marsitoh, my classmate. The answer from Titiah is we can give him support and response as the sociocultural theory that said stimulus and response, for me that very funny because i remember someone and i think the answer from Titiah is correct.

But actually in the first before class opened for new lesson, Mrs. Lydia ask to all the group for play 2 stay and 3 spread (Actually i forget what we called this games) for explain about the poster in Plifchart that explain about Psychology theory.

This is my own summary of the Psychology theory, cognitive theory is a theory which explain about how our mind process new knowledge to assimilation with our scheme to make a new scheme. Like Jonathan Saputra said like a child see a plane, in a faraway we see very small but when near and more near the plane a very big so our mind think actually the plane is very big but when far it’s looks very small.

Behavioral theories from Skinner and Bandura, Skinner said that student will motivated her/him by repeating action of replacement like reward for correct response, Bandura said that teacher as role model of the student. And it can to motivate the student to be a teacher like Dian Eki Purwanti Said.

Social Cognitive it’s consist of sickle from Environment – Personal Quality – Behavior, i think this unique one because in this group there is a warn debate from Ismi as presenter an Ryan as Audience, in this Part Ryan give a genius question for Ismi group (I think Ryan genius) “in this picture there a sickle of a man in social path how about if a person of a social doesn’t have one of the part of this sickle?” and Ismi and Arifin answer help each other. This the interesting part Ismi was make me know something important she said that “All a person have all of part in this sickle but actually the quality of the part in each person is different, so we cannot said that any people doesn’t have one of part in that sickle”. In my mind i agree with Ismi because i do reflection in my heart at that time i think that i to be going like this one because that sickle factor and that’s true.

Sociocultural theory is the theory emphasis the control of social Relationship and Culturally role of social relationship and culturally constructed artifact in organizing thinking. The main contribution is to provide a conceptual framework for conceptualizing relations between humans and their sociocultural contact.

And the last but actually is the best is my group hehe J (Kidding my friends). Our group tell about Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs because the lesson today is tell about Maslow’s theory so my representative group, Faqih Al Adian and Ratih anindia explain about the concept. Maslow’s theory contains of 5 hierarchies of needs, there are psychology need, safety needs, belongingness and loves, esteem, and self-actualization.

Psychology need, safety needs, belongingness and loves, and esteem, called by Deficiency need and self-actualization called by growth needs in this case our group tell that psychology need, safety needs, belongingness and loves, and esteem is basic need or prior need from highest until low and the self-actualization is the peak of the person basic need.

In this part again Mr. Genius, Ryan ask a question he tell that he was read some article that explain about the Maslow’s Hierarchy of need. Some of articles said that the highest priority of need in Maslow’s theories is self-actualization and the rest will be finding after self-actualization, and the question from Ryan is what our group thing about this article statement. And Ratih answer that my group has idea that the basic need is psychology need, safety needs, belongingness and loves, and esteem is first priority and the self-actualization is the peak of the needs. And then Miss Lydia stop the discussion because the lesson was begin.

Begin from Ryan question the lesson opened, Miss Lydia tell us about Maslow theories,  need it’s mean an internal force or drive to attain a certain state or object, growth need is need in intellectual achievement and aesthetic appreciation that increase as people have experiences with them. Deficiency needs is needs that, if unfulfilled, energize people to meet them. Self-actualization is the need to reach our full potential and be all that we are capable of being.

After Miss Lydia tell about Maslow theory, she give us some articles and she ask the student to read the article and share it to our partner, our partner is friend whose seat far from us. And i get Ipin as my partner. With Ipin, I share the contain of that article and Ipin was helped me so much he explain better than me so i can know the full of contain the article better. And after than Miss Lydia tell us to make a group and take a roll paper to make a role-play base the article that we get from roll paper. And my group, Ipin, Fitri, Mitha and me will role-play as “The Needs for Autonomy”

I will tell about the other group first. Ismi Group get The need of relatedness, in this part there a Genk in school who always get 10 in every exam but in that exam there is one of member doesn’t get 10 so that member must out of the group. Ryan Group get The need to Preserve Self-Worth, in this can somebody play as a people who doesn’t learn before exam and said “Pantesan aku dapat segini” in the score bad an said “aku aja dapat segini padahal ga belajar” When he/she get the best score. Jonathan group get the need of competence in this group thye student try to explain all about competence that she/he have and show to the other. And the last group is my own group play as a teacher-researcher who gets trouble with the student under privilege, and share to the other teacher to find new solution in his action research.

And my last statement of my reflection is i need some wish word again like before, the time like a water in the waterfall very fast to leave us so be kind to other because it can help you sometime. and i feel still loving this class until now. 🙂


2 responses to “Loving this Class – Andi Firmansyah

  1. evikvedpriagung

    October 4, 2011 at 5:58 am

    wow, complete reflection Andy,
    you wrote it completely, before I start my comment, I would say that you’re right, your group is great group, because your group can explain the theory well, so that we can learn the theory well.
    yes, I agree with you, in MMSEL course, we also get the motivation word, it make me feel more motivate to leran this course. Thank you.

  2. lydiarihta

    October 5, 2011 at 2:20 pm

    Hi, Andi.. your first paragraph really makes me smile 🙂 I see you understand the lesson well.. It’s not just you, me myself as a lecturer also love to teach in your class 🙂


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