2nd week reflection

04 Oct

This week was the second meeting with Ms Lydia in Motivation and Management of Students for Effective Learning (MMSEL). There were so many activities that we did in that time. The class is started by doing an activity named “two stays two strays”. In that activity, two members of a group must be the expert of the materials while the rest of them become the visitor of other’s group. My group was discussed about Social Cognitive Theory. Social Cognitive Theory was developed by Jean Piaget. In my group, I became the expert of my group while Aida and Fitri became the visitors of other group. I found it was interesting, because we can share what we have known before to others. It can strengthen our understanding of those materials.

After that, Ms Lidya led a class discussion about today’s topic. The topic was the hierarchy needs theory by Abraham Maslow. Ratih’s group, as the expert of that topic, presented their understanding in the front of the class. The discussion was quite alive, and I found it not too hard. This was because of I already having my own prior knowledge in Educational Psychology subject. Then, we continue to the other topic. The next topic was about self-determination and self-worth. There are several interesting activities for this topic. First is silent reading. Ms Lidya gave us a reading material and we read that silently. After that, she offered us to discuss in a group of four. We discussed about what we have read before. Honestly, I haven’t read about autonomy (one part of self-determination) but I can understand about it after discussed with my group. Last, we did a role play. The role play was still about self-determination and self-worth. Each group will show a different sub-topic from self-determination and self-worth. My group (me, Ratih, Arifin, Titiah, Shinta and Novani) got the competence as our topic. Overall, we can get the meaning that every group tried to deliver by doing the role play. So, our understanding is sharpened after those activities.

Things that I like from the activities today is the way Ms Lidya control the class. In that time, we did so many activities. We did 2 stays 2 stays, class discussion, silent reading, group discussion and role play in a meeting. This is very inspiring, because sometimes the learning activity becomes not so meaningful and effective because of too much activity in a meeting. But, Ms Lidya can create a good classroom management in that time. Personally, I got another motivation from this thing. This one will be a good motivation for me to be a good and effective teacher.


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6 responses to “2nd week reflection

  1. mimitgugu

    October 4, 2011 at 8:16 pm

    Hi Joey, my group also present our role play about autonomy. Hopefully you also understand more about that after seeing our role play 😉

    Yupp! strongly agree with you joey, so many activities. We also doing ice breaking in the beginning and Ms Lidya can manage our class so well. 4 thumbs to Ms Lidya 😀

    Mita Pustari

    • joeypandjaitan

      October 5, 2011 at 9:10 am

      Yup, like what I write up there, I can understand more through your role play.. 🙂

  2. ratihanindiya

    October 4, 2011 at 9:54 pm

    Wait joey, i guess ur group was mba desy, not me… That’s our RM group 🙂 but it’s okay,we had so much kinds of group haha :p
    Agrreeeeee, Ms Lydia did effective teaching 😀 tell us how to do it, Maam….

  3. evikvedpriagung

    October 4, 2011 at 10:25 pm

    I agree with Ratih, I think you are not in the same group with Ratih, but Triana, mbak Desy, Faqih and hanna, hehehehhe.
    I tootaly with your statement that Miss Lydia can manage class well in that day, we can do Our activity.

  4. lydiarihta

    October 5, 2011 at 11:57 am

    Hi, Joey.. I think your class is so active and like to perform in front of the class, that’s why role play will be effective in your class.. 😉
    Thank you my beloved students, actually I’m still learning. For me being a teacher = being a life long learner.. and your feedback will be really appreciated 🙂


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