Reflection week 2

04 Oct

Thursday, September 29, 2011, it was one of wonderful day. It was started in campus. The first subject of the day was MMSEL with Mrs. Lydia. In the opening session, class was started with ice breaking. The ice breaking proposed to remember what SSE students eat before they learn in class. Se had o remember and memorize about anything that SSE students eat. It was so fun; there were so many things they eat before learning. So much food. He he


About thirty minutes later, class entered to the core activities. There was a gallery work about theories of learning that related to motivation. Each of group member had to walk around the class to get more information from the others group. It was so interesting, we got so many explanation from the others group. The explanation were about; cognitive theories, socio-cultural theories, socio-cognitive theories, humanistic theories, and Maslow’s theories. By learning the gallery, I got important information about differences of Skinner’s theories and Bandura’s theories. Skinner’s theories concern to how to motivate students by using reinforcement (positive and negative). While, Bandura’s theories concern how to motivate the students with low level thinking by convince them that they can do and solve their problem.


After that, we were given a reading material and discussed it with our peers. The reading material was about “the needs of self determination”. Actually, there were three innate psychological needs to reach the needs of self determination, they are; competence, autonomy, and relatedness. We are asked to understand the material, and then we were asked to role play in group of four or five. the role play was my favorite activities. My group got “the needs of autonomy”. It means that, to get a good self determination for students, teacher should give autonomy to students about what they decide to develop their creativity in doing their assignment. In this role play, we show to the audience two different teachers. One teacher (Mita) as the powerful teacher. She didn’t give autonomy to the students to be creative in doing assignment. One theacer (Shinta) as the good teacher. She gave the students autonomy to be creative in doing their homework or assignment.


From the role play, I got a key message. As a teacher, I can force my students with so many and difficult assignment. It can decrease our student’s motivation to learn the subject that I teach. I wish I could be a good teacher that can understand my students.

Nur Arifin (2009110006)


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3 responses to “Reflection week 2

  1. vaniuno

    October 4, 2011 at 9:15 pm

    I like doing role play too, ipin,, because i can remember about the needs of self determination better than just read the article. Is it learning by doing? 🙂
    From your performance about the needs of autonomy show that different teacher make different agreement with the students. One teacher was not give a freedom to the students related to teaching and learning process. Students only follow the rule from the teacher. what a boring! beside of that, one teacher make a collaboration with the students.We give a chance for students to give their opinion and agreement for the better teaching and learning process. 🙂

  2. evikvedpriagung

    October 4, 2011 at 10:45 pm

    nice reflection Ipin, hehhehehe.
    i like your last statement, “As a teacher, I can force my students with so many and difficult assignment. It can decrease our student’s motivation to learn the subject that I teach. I wish I could be a good teacher that can understand my students.”, it very make me more understand to do something different for my future students. 🙂

  3. lydiarihta

    October 5, 2011 at 11:15 am

    Nice, have you ever met a teacher who gives autonomy to the student? How to make it works well?


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