Better that Stronger

11 Oct

This is my 3 reflection in MMSEL class, day to day i feel loving so much this class, today Mrs. Lydia tell to us about dream. Before we start this course today, Mrs. Lydia ask to all student about our dreams in 5-10 years later, I still remember that I the first one of the student who must sharing in the class room.

I said to the class in after I graduate from SSEI will get my first experience as a teacher in 2-3 years before IContinues my study in ITB or Japan Institute of technology (KOTODAi) after that i want to bring my mother to Makkah. I want to make my mother happy because I feel from I born until today I feel that I never make my mother proud with me, I just like child who always make my mother crying every time T.T. i also want to buy a Ferrari especially Modenna Ferrari because it’s so cool and very fast, I like fast!.

I also want to be a professor in Indonesia, with the doctoral degree from University of Indonesia with the faculty is International relationship. And I will be declaring myself as an educator in the rest of my life. Amin! When I tell about my dream i feel very said and very confidence becauseI feel comeback as Asyah that I know before.

Today i also learn about motivation and this is a summary from the article that i got from Mrs. Lydia

The influence of beliefs on motivation to learn, beliefs is a cognitive idea we accept as true without necessary having definitive evidence to support it

1.Expectation: Beliefs about future outcomes

A belief about future outcome, expectancy contradiction with value theory, that is a theory that explain learner motivation by saying that learner will be motivated to engage in a task to the extent that they expect to success on the task times the value they place on the success.

2. Beliefs about intelligence

Entity view of intelligence is the belief that intelligence is essentially fixed and stable over time. Incremental view of intelligence is not stable and can be increased with effort

3. Self-efficacy: beliefs about capability

The belief that one is capable of accomplishing a specific task

Factor influencing of self-efficacy is past performance on similar tasks is the most important to raising expectations and providing information about the way a skill should be performed (Bandura, 1986, 1997; Kitsantas, Zimmerman, & Cleary, 2000). But self-efficacy can be reducing if we always remember something bad in the past time.

4. Beliefs about value

The benefits reward, or advantages that individuals believe may result from participating in a task or activity. There are some types of value that is Attainments of value is the important that an individual’sAttaches to doing well on task. Utility value is the belief that a topic, activity, or course of study will be useful for meeting future goals, including career goals. Cost is a consideration of what an individual must give up to engage in the task.

5. Attributions: beliefs about causes of performance

Attribution is a belief about the cause performance. And attribution theory said that cognitive theory of motivation that attempts to systematically describe learners’ beliefs about the causes of their successes and failures how these beliefs influence motivation to learn. And will be influence learners in 4 ways there are emotional reaction to success and failure, Expectation for future Effort and Achievement.

So, today is a great day and I hope I can be better as soon as I can do it. And I get my motivation is “to be strong we must learn in the past and better in the future”


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