I got my understanding through sharing

11 Oct

I realized that I had class on that day, but I am so lazy to get preparation. It’s because of the class was started on 8.00 a.m. Because of that I arrived at campus almost 8 a.m. and thanks God, the lecturer was not in the class but her bag was already there. I asked to my friends, “Where is Ms. Lydia?”. Some of them said,” I don’t know precisely, maybe she was going up stair”. Ohhh Okeee……! We have waited her for about 13 minutes, then finally she came. She told us that she had a meeting with the other lecturer to discuss our assignments on school experience. Hmmm, the duty of school experience is increasing day by day after we met of each subject. Well, it is okay for us because we will enjoy with thatJ. After that Ms. Lydia invites us to make a class rule what dos and don’ts. Actually, we focused on attendance. We should come to the class at 8 a.m. but it will be tolerance in 15 minutes. For students who come late more than 15 minutes. He or she will not get students’ attendance.  Ms. Lydia is so fair, because she is going to run the rule next meeting.

Well, on that day I learnt about beliefs on motivation. In delivering the material Ms. Lydia use jigsaw reading to make us understand about that material. On that case, I got an opportunity to discuss beliefs about capability. We share information each other after we read that material. It’s mostly talking about self efficacy. Self efficacy is a part of self concept but self efficacy is more specific. For example: in self concept,” I master in mathematics” but in self concept, “Generally, I master in mathematics precisely in matrix but I am so low in geometry”. That’s why I said that self efficacy is more specific. Actually, we are not just discussing about self efficacy but in a whole class we have discusses about beliefs on motivation. They are beliefs about future outcomes (expectation), beliefs about intelligence, beliefs about capability (self efficacy), and beliefs about value. After we discussed in an expert group we back to our group then we discussed through a whole class. By doing this method we can go deeper to get the information. So, I can understand not just from my perspective but also through others’ perspective. Honestly, I often confused to understand reading material by reading only. I need somebody to share with me. That’s why I often got my understanding through sharingJ.

Desy AB Pertiwi

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Posted by on October 11, 2011 in Reflection week 3


One response to “I got my understanding through sharing

  1. evikvedpriagung

    October 11, 2011 at 8:19 pm

    hahahhahahaa, totally agree mbak, sometime I feel lazy if we started our lecture in 8.00 o’clock, but it’s okay because miss Lydia give us more interesting activity, hopefully w can reach our dreams. amin. 🙂


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