I have so many dreams! :)

11 Oct In third meeting, I got some motivation from drawing session. We have to draw who I am in the future, five until ten years from now.  I wanna be an elementary teacher. Why? Because I like children. Not only because of that, but actually I wanna be a teacher that can motivate my students in learning Math. As we know that teaching elementary students is not easy. Sometimes, they need more motivation than junior or senior high school students. I will make Mathematics to be a fun thing for them so that they can increase their motivation in learning Mathematics. And actually, i have been teaching elementary students in one school since 2 months ago even though just once a week.

That’s my dream. But, before I am being an elementary teacher, of course i want to graduate for my master degree (I hope in foreign country :p).

The thing that I have to remember is about the way to make my parents and also my family live happily. I can’t forget the way they teach me from i am child until now. They give their care and all they have to me. That’s something that can’t be judged by anything. It is the most valuable. Hopefully i can reach my dream even though it’s not easy to get J

After that, we have jigsaw reading. My group and I became an expert group of believe about value. There are three types of values that influence learner motivation, that are attainment value, utility value and cost.

  1. Attainment value refers to the importance an individual attaches to doing well on a task. For example, a person believes that she/he is good in Mathematics
  2. Utility value refers to the topic, activity or course of study that useful for meeting future goals, including career goals. For example, a person learns calculus because he/she feels that calculus is important for her/his future.
  3. Cost is about consideration of what an individual must give up to engage in the task. For example the person feels that he/she can’t do calculus assignment, feels like impossible thing, so the person is not motivated to do it.

Beside of that, I learn about beliefs about future outcomes, beliefs about intelligence and beliefs about capability from my original group. I think utility value almost same with beliefs about future outcomes, because the important thing is person’s future. There are expectations, time and also value. Attainment value is like beliefs about intelligence, but there are 2 types for beliefs of intelligence. That are entity view, intelligence is essentially fixed and stable over time, and incremental view, intelligence is not stable and can be increased with effort. A person can do something because of his/her effort. Beliefs about capability is about self efficacy, more specific than self concept.

I think activity above is effective for the class motivation because various methods can be increase our motivation in learning. We think that learning about motivation is important for our future as teacher, we call it needs for future outcomes. 🙂

Novani Lieadi



Posted by on October 11, 2011 in Reflection week 3


2 responses to “I have so many dreams! :)

  1. ismiapriliani

    October 11, 2011 at 9:32 pm

    I agree with your statement, “We think that learning about motivation is important for our future as teacher, we call it needs for future outcomes.”
    I think besides to understand about how to motivate students, learn about motivation also make us understand about how to motivate our own self. Because, how we can motivate others to learn if we don’t have high motivation in our self, right? 🙂

    I always admire to elementary teacher Van. First, elementary teacher needs to be able to expert in all subjects. Second, elementary teacher is an adult that have to be able to speak in children language, and I think that is not easy. And about your dream to become an elementary teacher, I only can say “wow, it is great Vani” (speechless because of admiration).

    Let’s wake up and reach the dream 😀

  2. F Aladyn

    October 12, 2011 at 8:41 pm

    Hello Vani…
    It sounds interesting about your desire in being an elementary teacher. It’s also a noble profession because you have intention to educate and motivate children (your students). That’s great. Nevertheless, you will need more knowledge to reach your dream because what we study in SSE now is not suitable for elementary level. We learn about pedagogy for secondary level. I have experiences in teaching my elementary students. Sometimes, it’s hard to explain to them by using comprehensive language, because what I learn is explaining materials for secondary students. But, I trust you that you can reach your dream, and you have an opportunity to actualize it from your teaching experience in SD Antonius.


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