I hope, our dreams come true :)

11 Oct

Before I reflect the activities on third meetings, I want to say thank you for Ms. Lydia who gave us comment and respond our reflection well 🙂

This is my third reflection of MMSEL class. At the beginning of the session, Ms. Lydia responds our reflection by showing her firmness to all of us. She emphasized again about the rule of lateness tolerance. So everybody, let’s showing our responsibilities (n_n)…

The next activity, we are asked to draw our dreams on the future in next 5-10 years later. So many picture that we were drawn, but there are some dreams that same each other, such as being a teacher, study abroad, won’t to continue math major (for some of us, hehe), marriage, have some children, and want to make our parent happy. Crazier thing is some of us didn’t know how the way to make our parent happy, so Ms. Lydia asked them to discuss together (just for fun).

After that activity, Ms. Lydia conducted Jigsaw reading about beliefs. From the articles that she gave to us, we all learn and share about the kinds of beliefs, such as belief about future outcomes, belief about intelligence, belief about capability, belief about value, belief about cause of performance. I ware a belief of value’s expert. From this activity, we can know that sometimes people will show their effort because of they belief of something.

For example: people learn biology not becouse of they like that subject, but they need this subject to become a doctor; people belief that they can pass the exam if they study hard; people belief they can do something becouse their parents, family or environment can do that thing; etc.

We were asked to write our hope, belief and expectation to learn in SSE and learn MMSEL. After that, we switched our paper to the pair, and we analyze each other, which one is hope, belief and expectation based on the material that we have learnt before.

Aida Rahmi


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Posted by on October 11, 2011 in Reflection week 3


One response to “I hope, our dreams come true :)

  1. trianaafriani

    October 11, 2011 at 4:42 pm

    nice reflection aida,
    i hope our dream come true,
    like someone said ” dream, belief and make it happen” and also effort to reach it.
    keep spirit 🙂


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