Influence of Beliefs on Motivation to Learn

11 Oct

We passed the third week of this semester and have entered to the fourth week. In MMSEL course, I think that every week gave me special impression.

At the third week, we learned about Influence of beliefs on motivation to learn. There were some activities that not only gave us new knowledge but also motivate and remind us about our dreams. Miss Lidya asked us to draw our dream for 5 until 10 years later. Actually, I am bad in drawing. But I don’t care, because I know that the essential of this activity is not about the drawing.

From that activity, I realize that I almost forget about my dream. I asked to my self, why I was confuse when I have to draw my dreams? Whereas I know that I have so many dreams. Then I answered, I am so busy with the “present life” and thought that I have not enough time to think about dreams. Hhhmm.. Now, I know that I am wrong. I have tried to do the best for “the present life” of course because I want to have a better life in the future, and its all about dreams.

If we relate it to theory of motivation, having dream is about expectations (beliefs of future outcomes). I got very meaningful understanding from this theory. The higher expectation will be followed by the greater effort. I truly agree with this theory. We have to do action to reach our dreams.

Besides theory about expectations, there is a theory of beliefs about intelligence. There two types of beliefs about intelligence. First is entity view of intelligence which is said that intelligence is stable and fixed overtime, we cannot change it. The second is Incremental view of intelligence which is said that intelligence is not stable and can be increased with effort. I agree with the second one. Because I belief that people need to do the best effort including to reach the higher level of cognitive.

Other beliefs that influence our motivation to learn is self efficacy. Self efficacy is beliefs that our self can do specific task. Factors that influence self efficacy are past performance, modelling, verbal persuasion and physiological state. I tried to look at my self efficacy in certain topic of math, and I remembered that I have low self efficacy in trigonometry because of past performance when I was in senior high school. I thought that trigonometry is like a machine gun that shoot me using so many formula. And I feel dizzy if see them. But now, I think that I have to try to love trigonometry because I am math teacher candidate and forget about my past performance. Because I live in “present life” for the “future” not for my past.

The last theory about beliefs is beliefs about value. It is about the benefits, rewards, or advantages that individual believe may result from participating in a task or activity. From this theory I understand that teaching and learning classroom activities are very important to engage students. teacher has a task to make students feel that their learning activities are valuable for them. Therefore students will be motivated to learn. I think that that is a big challenge for teacher.

Hope we will be able to apply these theories to do the best as teacher in the future.

Ismi Apriliani



Posted by on October 11, 2011 in Reflection week 3


2 responses to “Influence of Beliefs on Motivation to Learn

  1. andifirmansyahmmsel

    October 11, 2011 at 9:09 pm

    haii ismi,,,,
    i agreee with your statement and wish that we can apply what we have learn in the class into real life,,,
    n.n hope we can to be the best teacher ever

  2. anggraenihna

    October 12, 2011 at 10:16 am

    Ismi, could you tell me about your those dreams? please, let me know. as you know that I have not hear about your dreams, I feel interest to know because you said that you have many dreams ^^


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