Let’s Make the Picture Comes True…

11 Oct

On the third meeting of MMSEL course, I sat on third row of seat. Usually, I sit on the first row, but on this session, when I sat on the first row, the seat left was located under the AC. When I sat on there for a moment, I feel coldness. So, I decided to move to third seat, because there were no empty seat on first and second row.

The lesson was started by drawing ourselves on a paper that illustrates our dreams and hope 5-10 years later. The picture is a symbolized of our future expectation, its connected with our beliefs and motivation. I still remember the picture of myself: A beautiful woman (of course, hehehe…), who use “academic gown of  S3”, wear a name tag “lecturer”. I also hold a book with the title “A good daughter, sister, wife and mother” on my left hand, bring a pen on my right hand and I have a cloud mind above my head that thinking of two key ring.

The meaning of my picture is, I want to be a lecturer who has passed S3 degree 10 years later. I also want to be a good daughter for my mother, a good sister for my younger sister, a good wife for my husband, and I want to be a good mother for my child. In other words, 10 years later from now, I want to bring happiness for my mother by buy a home for her and fulfill all of her needs. I also want to help my younger sisters to continue their study. For my life, 10 years later, I expect that I have been married (Amin) and have child (at most three), because I do not want if I have to take care a baby or a child when I have been forty. The other reason is I also want to see my grandchild later. The meaning of key ring is I want to help my students to reach they dreams especially who wants to be an engineer, because my father dying exhortation is he wants me to be an engineer. Because I cannot be an engineer, it will be better if I can help my students to be a good engineer who has good mathematics concept.

The lesson is continued with jigsaw reading about the influence of beliefs on motivation to learn. We divided into four groups expert then discuss about the topic. The unique thing was happened here, we were not allowed to bring our text when we discuss it on expert group. I feel a little bit hard to remember the material without the text, because I have low ability on Short Term Memory (STM). Fortunately, my friends helped me to remember the topic then the discussion gone well. After we shared the content from expert group, Ms. Lydia asked our understanding about the topic.

On the last session, we were asked to reflect our expectation by answer guide questions. Then, we exchanged our reflection and gave sign of what kind of expectation and belief those contains on our friend’s reflection.

I think that is all of my reflection. I hope that I can reach my dreams like as I have drawn. 🙂


Posted by on October 11, 2011 in Reflection week 3


2 responses to “Let’s Make the Picture Comes True…

  1. trianaafriani

    October 11, 2011 at 4:50 pm

    nice reflection mba sinta,
    i hope our dream come true in the right time ya mba… hehe
    keep spirit, 🙂

  2. titiahdewimasitoh

    October 11, 2011 at 5:35 pm

    Hay,mba shinta..
    hmm, you have to come early in order to get first row seats because we know this course is very interesting.
    hopefully what your dreams can be realized..amin


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