make a fun picture :D

11 Oct

Last week, I learned MMSEL in class just in the first activity because I have to come to the school that some of my friends and I will visit to do teaching experience. First activity, Miss Lydia asked us to draw a picture that describes our own selves for next 5 until 10 years. We have to draw our dreams in a picture. I draw my self as a teacher and I draw some islands in Indonesia. There are the largest islands in Indonesia actually. Why? because it describes about my dreams .

Unfortunately, I have not told you about my picture yet, but I will tell you right now. I draw my self as a teacher because, of course, I want to be a teacher. Although sometimes I’m still feel nervous when I have to teach in class. I don’t know why, it often happens in my self.  I draw many islands in Indonesia because I love Indonesia so much. Maybe some people think that they want to go around to the world, but I’m not. It’s not my main destiny. I want to be a teacher who can teach in some islands in Indonesia. I think it will be awesome! Yeahh, I have a dream to explore Indonesia. Many places in Indonesia that very beautiful to be visited. By becoming a teacher who goes by one island to the other islands, I hope that I will know and get much knowledge about people in Indonesia. As we know that Indonesia has many differences culture. Besides, I can explore Indonesia more. 😀

Hmm now, we go back to talk about our class. :p

After that, I did not follow the class, because as I have told you before, I have to go to SMA to be place to do teaching experience. So, I don’t know more what the next activity in class. But, I have asked my friends to tell me about what they have learned in MMSEL class last week. My friend told me that the second activity is making a jigsaw reading. The material is about “the influence of beliefs on motivation to learn”. There are some topics to be read. After they told me, I think there are many types of beliefs that influence our motivation to learn about something. Actually, our beliefs come from ourselves and our environment. But it back to ourselves, how we can control our beliefs to get our expectation. We have to believe and feel confidence about our selves to reach our dreams.  I think just it. If I have some mistakes in understand this, and if you want to share with me, please do not hesitate to let me know. Thanks 🙂



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2 responses to “make a fun picture :D

  1. aiiufull

    October 12, 2011 at 7:44 am

    Hi hanna,
    too bad you could not attend the next activity. You also could not share your dreams to us. Like you already know, we were doing jigsaw to discuss about beliefs. Do you have the article? If you don’t the article, you can borrow it from me. Hehehe

  2. mimitgugu

    October 12, 2011 at 9:47 am

    woooowww, you have a great dream, hanna 😀
    you will know how our Indonesian education progress in each country/island, after that please share your experience after you explore to me 😉

    I believe that if you read our friend’s post in this blog, you will understand well because our friend’s post share and reflect about the material clearly 🙂 or let we discuss together 😀

    Mita Pustari


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