Third Week Reflection: Dreams, Belief, and Hopes

11 Oct

Source:The Solutionist

This week we are majority talking about dreams, our dreams. I think dreams is very powerful motivation for us in ‘enjoying’ struggle on assignments, exams, tests, and all of obstacles that appears. I also think that believing on a state where we reach (I hope surpass) our dreams is the most powerful motivation. Imagining our dreams come true is the best motivator when I fell in the deepest state of stress on obstacles.

My picture describe my dreams, it pictured me sit under the apple tree similar like Newton’s situation when he found Newton’s law after an apple fell on his head ( I hope I will face situation like him, when an apple fall then it will change the world). The first dream is about graduated S1 degree (Mathematics Education) from SSE and graduated master degree in management of education and computer science from one of the 10 best universities in world. Second dream is building a school for them who have great talent but do not have chance to get good education. Third, dream about building international standard hospital (I hope it will be the best hospital in the world). Fourth, running my own company business; I have a dream create employment(s) to decrease jobless people in this country. Fifth, I want to present happiness to my parent, one of them is by bring them to Mecca, to pilgrimage. Sixth, I want to marry someone, a woman who I love and love me, having children and house for my family. Seventh, I want to travel around the world. The cause of my travelling is because the world needs me to spread my knowledge of invention(s) that I have been created in order to create better world.

After showing our dreams, Ms. Lydia distributes material papers about belief. Then, Ms. Lydia divides us into several groups to do jigsaw reading. The material papers contains of several belief, belief about future outcomes, belief about intelligence, belief about capability, and belief about value. After read and share in expert group we back to our home group and share what we have got in expert group.

Last activity, we were writing down our belief and expectation of learning MMSEL course and learn in SSE in a piece of paper. After writing down all of our belief and expectations, we switch with our friends and analyzed our belief and expectations based on what we have learned.

Huda Marofiq


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2 responses to “Third Week Reflection: Dreams, Belief, and Hopes

  1. ismiapriliani

    October 11, 2011 at 8:40 pm

    I think, we are here (in SSE) also because of dreams. Then in SSE, we are dreaming to inspiring people have big dreams in their life. How beautiful life in dream is. However, the most important thing of dream is the action to reach them. Don’t let our self over enjoy to live in our dreams. Let’s wake up, reach the dreams, then make the new dream more and more 🙂

    • masterzeld

      October 12, 2011 at 5:17 pm

      Hahahaha I agree with you. It remind me my statement in RM1 class, “I am a dreamer, not visionary”. The dreamer will create great dream in dream state, wake up from it and struggle to make it come true. Visionary will create dream in dream state, but fail to wake up and fall to limbo (I borrowed term limbo from Inception movie)


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