My Reflection of 1st Week Teaching Experience: Unpredictable Things That Happened

17 Oct

I have taught two times on SMA Y at grade X. My first time was on Monday and it did not work well. The class that I will teach have arranged on Friday. Initially, my class was on X-3. But, on Monday morning, around 07.00 am, my friend that have obligation to teach on the day did not come. So, my lecturer asked us to re-arrange the class in order to save my friends. Because of I was my friends’ team, so I have to switch my class with him then teach at his class on X-1 around 11.00 am. But, I feel unprepared well. I have not finished my lesson plan, my observation sheet and my questionnaire. On my schedule, I have to teach X-3 on Tuesday and today I have plan to observe my friends class to get information of class condition in order to prepare my lesson plan well.

After I knew that I have to teach on that day, I tried to conduct my lesson plan without any information about my class. I feel bad at the day. I have to prepare my teaching on rush and I have no time to make my observation sheet and questionnaire. I was really angry to myself, because why I did not prepare myself for any unpredictable things like this and finished my lesson plan before today. I blamed myself along the day.

When I was teaching, I could not teach well. Because I had bad feeling because of I have no preparation in teaching. From this meeting, I learn that preparation is important to teaching and help the teacher to keep their spirit to teaching.

On the second TE, I entered the class and prepared my teaching equipment. I planned that I will review the materials that I have given to them about function. So, I review the materials that I have been given. Before I started the main topic on the day, I divided them into four groups. A student screamed and said “Kakaaak, aku gak mau satu kelompok sama diaa!”, and a student who sat in front of me said, “Aku maunya sama dia kakak, aku pacarnya dia”. Most of them did not want follow the group that I give. They want the group is divided by their seat. One column of the seat is one group. They do not want learn if the group is not as they want. Therefore, I follow their wanted.

I have to teach from 11.05 – 12.35 WIB, but when the clock is still 12.00 am, the bell rang four times. I wondered what is going on. My students said the bell is “bel pulang”. I found out what is going on and I went to teacher room. No one is there. I asked my friends, they said the class dismissed.

An unpredictable thing happened again on the day. I can prepare and plan the class activities well, but if the school has no coordination, it will be nothing. Then, I know a thing: A teacher need supports and motivation from their friends and school to keep their spirit and passion in teaching still alive.


6 responses to “My Reflection of 1st Week Teaching Experience: Unpredictable Things That Happened

  1. titiahdewimasitoh

    October 17, 2011 at 8:18 pm

    Keep spirit mba shinta!!
    Don’t give up in to teach them.. 🙂
    the situation do not support but I know that you have tried hard in preparing for class activities
    be patient ya mba..
    do your best..

  2. radianekipur

    October 18, 2011 at 7:07 am

    Dear Shinta, just do your best in this opprtunity. Sometime we couldn’t what might be happen in the future. Don’t be lost heart, just repair your fault for the meeting, hope that you could enjoy the class during the school experience yeah? Teacher is decision maker in every single minute in the class, just prepare that all of your plan maybe not running well 🙂 GBu

    • Shinta Puspita

      October 18, 2011 at 9:12 am

      At least, I have tried to do my best. 🙂
      There are so many things that can influence teaching and learning process at class.
      I learn many things from this TE.
      I also learn that how to make a plan B, C, D till Z if the class is not run well. Hehehe…

  3. joeypandjaitan

    October 18, 2011 at 7:29 am

    Dear Shinta,

    if i were in your position, I will be gladly teach that students in X-1. For me, teaching is something that I couldn’t express. But, whenever I can make them understand about my explanation, the feeling is so great. So please, whenever you get this experience next time, just do your best effort. I know you can. 😀 😀

    Jonathan Saputra

    • Shinta Puspita

      October 18, 2011 at 9:26 am

      Dear Joey,
      I teach on x-2 joey… 🙂
      I hope I can do my best till end. I also try to deliver my explanation on easy way and suitable + acceptable by them.


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