Happy Teaching

18 Oct

My first teaching experience for teaching individually was quite interesting. I got a science class of grade eleventh. I was going to teach that class alone. Hmm…it was little bit scary, but I trusted I could do it.

On the first day, I met my cooperative teacher. He was very kind to me. He explained to me much information about the classroom condition, the book used, the teaching technique and many more. After that, I was observing my cooperative teacher. He taught patiently. Nevertheless, He was teaching by using TCL. While he was teaching, I didn’t see him giving motivation, but he always gave explanation whenever students asked. Therefore, students’ need about knowledge was fulfilled. It was Maslow’s theory about need to know.

After that, I was given a chance to teach the class. On the first time, I was nervous because I was scared if the students were difficult to be organized. Fortunately, the students were very kind and they were very active in class, either asking or answering question, although I needed to ask them solving problems in front of the class. The students were smart and persistent in solving problems, although sometimes they worked together without my permission in the test.

I couldn’t deny that I applied TCL too as my cooperative teacher did. Nevertheless, I didn’t neglect students’ group work in order to make them active. I was focusing on making my students understand about the topic, therefore I was trying to explain effectively and exemplify well. I give them chances to ask, discuss, and present their mind in the class. I was happy teaching here because my students could understand what I explained.

I was emphasizing in giving problem solving to them in order to strengthen their critical thinking. Although they always said that the problems were difficult, I always motivated them and sometimes I gave some clues to open their mind in solving problems. I also let them to make reflection toward my teaching and to give criticism and suggestion. When I read all of their reflection and feedback, I found that they understood about my explanation and they were excited. Their feedback really motivated me to be a kind and a professional teacher.

Faqih Al Adyan



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