I hate “Labeling”

18 Oct

This is my fifth school experience, during this program I got many things that I should be learnt. Actually I learnt more either from the teachers or students. I always try to be enjoyed in doing this program.

Well this is my experience in the first week,,,

I was very surprised when my lecturer announced about the school which became our partners during this program. The schools are new schools for us and it’s dominated by private school. I got a chance to take a part in one of private school in Bekasi. It’s one of high qualified private school in Bekasi. Glance, I was thinking that this is not ordinary school; teachers and students are not ordinary too. But I and my friends were very lucky because one of our friends is the alumni of that school. Then we can dig any kinds of information as we want. So, I am not really worried about this school because I have already the background J

In the first meeting we met our master teacher. They told us about the classroom situation and students achievements. They said that, “This student is like this, those students are like that,he is a trouble maker, she is a trouble maker and many more. Just because of that label, I am being afraid to face my students. I thought, what’s gonna be happen to me when I taught? There are so much imagination in my head about the students. But I might not be influenced by the issues. I should prove by myself during the observation.

I observed and try to learn what they want to during the lesson. In my observation I saw that they were very “attractive”. They were really talkative. They liked to have chat with their peers. I consider that, that’s their style in learning but teacher didn’t consider that their uniqueness. Teacher often blame to them which made them “over act” in class. Teacher often gave them negative reinforcement. Teacher seldom appreciate students’work that made students have low motivation in learning. It’ s really ironic for me when teacher respond students question. Student asked about her confused about the lesson but the teacher said,” Hey, it’s not my bussiness”. Teacher also often said,” Hey, that’s wrong”. Oh God! How come? It’s happen! Now, I can understand, why the students became so attractive even sometimes “rebel”.

I decide that I must be different with their teacher.  I try to implent their habit which is “chatting” to the learning process. I involved them in discussion, I try to remember their name one by one, and I try to appreciate of every single their work. How lucky I am, I got MMSEL class. So, I know the way to motivate my students.  Do you know? What’s happen in the class?. I found their spirit in learning. They were active in answering while I try to remember their names. It means that calling the students with their name is really touchful.  They were very active when we invoved them in discussion. Then, I can prove that the trouble makers in class is not really troubel as teacher’s labeling. That’s why I hate labeling.



One response to “I hate “Labeling”

  1. vaniuno

    October 18, 2011 at 7:19 pm

    Nice Reflection mba Desy, negative reinforcement can make the students will be the person that teacher said. sometimes, they want to act like what they want and you have to prove it, mba. They like chatting each others and you guided them into discussion. It was a great learning experience i think. 🙂


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