I’m a teacher and a will be making better! yosh

18 Oct

This is a great week for me. As a 3rd grade of education university, I will do school experience as full teacher. Full teacher it’s mean that I will be lead a full class consist of 30-40 students, hehe I so exciting and do not patient to see that.

In October 10, 2011 I went to YASPORBI School at Menteng, Pancoran. This school very good the class very small and consist 20-24 students in every class, so I think it’s so easy to manage this class. This school consists of 4 classes of 10 grades, 2 classes of 11 sciences, 2 classes of socials and 1 class of science and socials in 12 grades.

In the first day i so surprise that actually I get class 10-4 but because my friends Riyan Fajri sick so all the schedule must be changes, I get 10-1, Shinta get 10-2, Titiah 10-4 and Riyan is 10-3. In that day Shinta and I must teaching experience faster than the lasts schedule. And it’s mean i must be faster to solve all my instrument of action research and lesson plan, and Alhamdulillah I can solve it well.

In YASPORBI so many teacher and students said that this class very “bad”, my master teacher Mr. Yusuf said that 10-1 is very hard for teaching ideally, because there is a failed students as a chairman, so the class very uncomforted, And this class consist of so many students with different religion so the class very heterogeneous. But for me this my dream class with so many challenges.

When i get in this class, the student very noisy, but as like what Mrs. Lydia and Mrs. Restu said that if you want get the appreciation from your students you must looks very confidence and like i said before i will back as Andi Firmansyah who full of high confidentiality and humble people.

I start with nice greeting, and i want to know how about the student habits without know the name because i think if i ask the student about that names and background they will be more noisy and unrespectable.

And that’s true, all the student pay they attention to me, but i still get nervous sometimes, usual i speak with ainformal word to making close to the student and i think it’s work. My student gives their attention and i can apply my action research about contextual learning. I approached the student to introduce my lesson with real life problem and real life analysis. And Alhamdulillah it’s work well.

In the second meeting, at October 11, 2011, I feel better because i was get the data, the information of my student background and i feel i ready to making something different than the other. At that time i guide the student to know about the root of quadratics function with factorize method and i give the real life problem about the roots like a plane destinations. And Alhamdulillah its work very-very well may data show that the student interesting in mathematics increases by using contextual learning. I’m happyJ.

Here what Want to said, I think if you we want to be great teacher do look your student background as you’re based to give a treatment in this case about the issue like the habits of students or something negative about them. Because if you only thing about the negative side you will be only in that scope, and you will be never develop your skill (Mr. Yusuf.).

In this school i never feel that the student very an cooperative i think that all from us, as a teacher candidate we must show that mathematics is very fun, effective, and useful in the real life. But do not think that if you found the student that cannot solve the problem because he/she stupid but actually as a teacher we must reflect to our self that he/she failed may be because US!.

I like to share a true story about great people’s to motivated the student and they very happy about it and this class very like about sport car and gadget, hehe so funny. J

I think that’s my story in this first week in YASPORBI, i love this school and i found so many experience to me.


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