reflection school experience week 1

18 Oct

My first reflection about teaching experience in 5th semester. I was so nervous and exciting to face the program. This semester is quite different with last semester, because we teaching individually and did our CAR (Classroom Action Research) in our class.

I got a chance to teach at private school in Menteng. First day in there, I did consultation with my master teacher; I asked about his students the characteristic and achievement in his class. I got social class; this class consists of 30 students. My master teacher said that the class is noisy and we should handle the class. When I observed my master teacher, I saw his style in teaching. He used traditional teaching method in his class, it make his student not pay attention with him. I found he cannot manage his class well, because I saw students were chatting, laughing and doing something out of topic. Students not respect to the teacher.

After I observed my class, I design my lesson plan and activities for my teaching. i teach statistic about mean, median and mode. Before I explain it, I recall them about “tepe atas, tepi bawah and mean” that they got in the last meeting. Unfortunately, they forgot all of the material. They don’t know what they have learned in last meeting. So, I teach them again about it, after that I started to explain about new material, it’s about mean, median and mode. it just the simple topic I think, but to make them more understand I should explained it in detail. After I explained, I did a game that related to the topic, I found they really fun and already understand about the topic. Besides that, from the activity I make a class into some group using cards, they should found their group based on the same card.

In the group, I gave different case to them that must be solved by them. I did monitoring and also motivation to them. I tried to be close with them; I helped and did chit-chat to know her/his feeling. In that discussion, I also tried to make them do interaction with all member, because I knew my students is so individual. I asked them to help each other. After discussion, I asked them to do 2 stay, 3 stray. First, they unfamiliar with it, but I gave instruction and motivation. If they have most stars in their flipchart so their groups become the winner. I found each group active to explain their work, and tried to make their friend understand so they can get more stars from them. Before the end of the class, I asked them to make a reflection about the class. And the reflection makes me happy, and I become addicted to teach…J

I think that’s all for my reflection this week, J

Triana Afriani



3 responses to “reflection school experience week 1

  1. evikvedpriagung

    October 19, 2011 at 7:15 am

    good reflection triana, hmmmm
    you have a good trick to make your student not individual anymore, hhehehehehe.
    I hope you can be a good teacher in the future.

  2. andifirmansyahmmsel

    October 19, 2011 at 9:56 am

    hehehe good reflection triana i think better for you to making a permanent group to make the student adaptation each other in that groups so we can reduce the individuality in the classroom

    but i like you reflection that was so amazing 🙂

  3. aiiufull

    October 21, 2011 at 12:33 pm

    Good Triana, because of your experiences you become to like teaching. Hope trough this experiences we can evaluate our self to become a better teacher

    Good Luck 🙂


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