School Experience Week 1

18 Oct

First week, Huft. . .

Actually there are so many thing that I want to share with all of you guys, but the important thing is I MISS YOU guys, I miss our class, I miss doing role play again, hiks T.T because in teaching in real class is so different with teaching in our class (micro teaching). I’ve got school experience in GP School and I teach XI Science Class. For first day, I observe Mr.X in TOEFL class, why not math class? Because I not only observe the teacher but also observe the students, because the important thing that i have to know the condition of my class that i will teach in. And you know, I teach the most “extraordinary” class, extra noisy, extra attractive, extra and extra, also to teach them we have to extra voice, extra passion, extra spirit, and teaching strategies extra hahaha 😀 Mr.X teach about TWE (Test Writing English). The methods that used is TCL (Teacher Centered Learning) but in the end of the explanation, he try to motivate the students to stay focus with “do you want to know?” or “I think you can”. I believe that with that words, it can make students be more interest to stay focus.

In the second day, I start teach that class. The material that I teach is about sum and product of sine & cosine. This class consist of 28 students, 18 boys and only 10 girls (you can imagine how “Extra” my class :p). In the beginning of the lesson, i have to absent the students (call their names one by one) and i can remember their names 30% (Alhamdulillah ya 🙂 ). I dont want to call their name with “kamu” or “hey”. If I didn’t know the name, I will ask their friends first about his/her name then call his/her name directly. As I said in the previous reflection that it can be motivate the students when the teacher teach and we call his/her name when we giving them some instruction or other things. Honestly, I did not give up with my “extraordinary” class. I got that class and they motivate me to have to much learn about the learning strategies that can be make them (“extraordinary” students) success to be the real “extraordinary” class in positive thing (achievement, moral, etc). Believe in me, if you find the same characters of class with me, you will be missing them (“extraordinary” students) so much someday 🙂 .

Success guys: D

Mita Pustari




2 responses to “School Experience Week 1

  1. anggraenihna

    October 18, 2011 at 4:13 pm

    hhahaaa.. I become loud of laugh because your students are very similar with my students! 😀
    they are very hard to be managed, we have to extra work to make them pay attention with us, right?

    I’m dizzy enough to face the students like them, hhehe. but I think more about how to make them enjoy with my teaching and make them focus with the lesson.
    I need to think more about the strategy. hmm yeeaaahh they are very ‘great’ students! :p

    maybe we can share each other about how we teach to face the students like them, hohoh 😀

  2. Faqih_Al_Adyan

    October 19, 2011 at 4:57 am

    Be tough ya Mit. I’ve entered your class, and I saw by my eyes what the …. class it is. Maybe if I teach that class, I will run out my voice and I will be sick on the next day…Hahahah… Nevertheless, in my opinion, those students need more attention because some of them always act and attract to gain attention (cari sensasi geto)… So, it’s better if u understand the characteristics of each student (I know it is definitely hard)…hahahhaha…Fortunately, I got a better class and organizable students…:D


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