Teaching Experience :D

18 Oct

First of all… I want to say that I really miss you all, section B 🙂 hihi

This is first reflection about teaching experience in 5th semester. I was so exciting about this program. I always have so much meaningful experience about teaching and learning through it. In addition, I curious and nervous to apply classroom action research (CAR) on my own classroom. However… we have to do it. 😀

I want to let you know that my TE’s school is located in Menteng (Let say M School). I have to teach in X grade which consist of 23 students. Actually, I was not observing my own class because of the time and rules of both school, SSE and M school. In the first day at school, I met my master teacher; he is teacher of X grade and Social XI class. We discuss about how we start the lesson and the materials that we would teach. Luckily, I could observe their teaching process on Social XI. I found that the teacher cannot manage the class well, students were laughing, chatting, and doing something annoying while teacher wrote something on board.  I thought it’s because stereotyping social class that always be noisy and ‘brutal’. Well… they are noisy but interaction between teacher and students was good, they could answer teacher’s question and wanted to ask if they do not understand. FYI, they still nice with us 🙂

This week I’m done for teaching quadratic equation. It was on Wednesday and Thursday. First time I met my ‘real’ students, I was soooooooo nervous! Mr. Z opened the class and started to introduce me. Mr. Z trusted me to lead the class directly. He allowed me to use what methods or approaches that I want to. He is really flexible to decide the classroom’s activity. While I started to teach, I also observed my classroom. This means for knowing the classroom environment, students’ motivation, blending with students and finding the topics for CAR. I used to apply group discussion after I explained the material. I found that my students had good attitude about mathematics. They actively answered my questions and could do the drilling practice. However, the discussion did not run effectively. I found that my students were doing it individually without discussion even they sat in circle of group and I always reminded to discuss. I was being a good encourager for them by giving feedback and helping the slow learner to achieve the goals. 🙂 Students have less motivation because they just thought that math is about doing exercise and solve it by themselves individually. There was no interaction between students. By identifying it, I can do something or apply one new idea for increasing their motivation. Based on my readings, I found that one idea that can help me to solve it. I will use using cooperative learning to increase students’ motivation.  I hope next week I can prove and solve this problem by using cooperative learning, which is Student Teams-Achievement Divisions (STAD). Let see then… 😀

Ratih Anindiya


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