Transfer Knowledge is not Enough

18 Oct

In school experience of this semester, I feel lucky because the school is near of my home and my master teacher very cooperative. At the first day of school experience I observed my master teacher class. At that class, I observed the students that would be my students at 2 weeks later. Some of them are noisy, but I think they are smart, actually. The students didn’t pay attention to the teacher. I guess, It was because they were bored and the activity was only doing exercise for their test in the next day.

At the second day, I started to teach at that class. First, I checked students’ presence, then started to deliver the material using power point presentation. But, suddenly I changed my strategy to deliver the materials. I think, if I only did lecturing the students would be bored. Then, I gave some mathematical problems about linear equation system with two variables. Students already got the concepts in junior high school. After that, I asked some students to go forward and wrote the answer on whiteboard. This method was success enough, although some of them did chit chat with their friends. From this situation, I learned that engage students in classroom activity is very important and will motivate them to think.

In the third day, I asked them to work in group. It was very difficult to make them work in group. Almost of them didn’t do the assignment, they only chit chat in group. Only few of them that really serious in doing the task. I said them that the task will be submitted at the end of session, but it did not make students did the task well. However, some of them very enthusiastic because the problem was about linear equation system with three variables. I gave the problem using a video to make them interested. From this situation I learned that it is not easy to make all of students in our class interested and motivated in the lesson. As a teacher we need to be creative in delivering the lesson. However, become a teacher is not about transfer our knowledge to students. It is more about how to make our students think. In my class, I tried to motivate them though encourage them and give applause for students who wrote answer on the whiteboard, although they did mistakes in answer the mathematical problems.

Ismi Apriliani



2 responses to “Transfer Knowledge is not Enough

  1. masterzeld

    October 18, 2011 at 6:55 pm

    I like it, “become a teacher is not about transfer our knowledge to students. It is more about how to make our students think”. Teacher is an encourager who possess power and authority to waking up students’ willingness to think.
    Besides that, teacher also a motivator who have responsibility to make sure that learning take place, at least students could answer a question that related to the topic, no matter the cost. I agree with you about giving applause to student even though there are mistakes, learning is not only about true or false but it’s also about how they apply their learning and how they think.

  2. fitriyanimajid

    October 18, 2011 at 8:20 pm

    In my school the student are really motivate If the activity are giving impact to the score. You can tell the student that the score from you will be store to the teacher. May be it will help you to increase student motivation 🙂


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