it’s time to be a “Center of Attention”

24 Oct

Yeah, finally this week is the last week for our teaching experience. See you in the next semester. Hehehehhe. Again,I got so many experience in this teaching experience, as usual it is about my amazing class.

This week is my first teaching alone in front of class with 37 students. It’s like the real teacher; my first feeling that I feel is nervous and wonder, why? Because I’m afraid that my class not respect to me and my lesson plan can work well. So many bad think come up to my mind, ok, I try to be calm down and its work. I feel better and I can think positively.

Ok, now the show time, I open the class, and “all eyes look at me”, I just said in my heart, this is that I want, right? So be calm and enjoy this experience. Ok, and I’m ready, in the first, I make a regulation for our class in 2 hours, the regulation is about respect, active, and silent HP. Why I wrote active, because it related to my classroom action research. After make a regulation, I started this lesson; I recalled them about the last material. I also made the in several group. And I feel happy, because they are very respect to me and to other friends when the other friend did presentation, I’m proud of them. Okay, it is right if they are noisy students, but they also active and share with other. In the end of the class, I also give them a post test, and I also ask them to write about advise and their impression when learn with me and then they must collect their paper to me.

Finally, I finished my job, I read their comment directly when I arrived in my boarding house. Their comment is very important to me to improve my skill in teaching and as a reflection. Their comment is very positive to me and make me feel, wooowww, there is something different happen in my heart when I read their comment, they are very good to give me a comment, some of them said that I have a soft voice, I am too gentle, and I am “unyu-unyu”. I like all of their comments so variety and inspire me to be a good teacher. Besides getting comments from my students I also get comment from my master teacher. Their comment makes me understand about my strength and my weakness in teaching. My master teacher said, “Don’t speak too fast”. Hahahahahha, I must learn more about it, hehehehehe.

Okay, this is my story, I hope in the next semester, I will get the special experience like in this semester. Thank you for all.

Evik Dwi Priagung



4 responses to “it’s time to be a “Center of Attention”

  1. joeypandjaitan

    October 25, 2011 at 11:01 am

    Dear Evik,

    you have your homework for your teaching experience next semester (about the speed of your voice), I know you can handle it easily Vik.. 😉

    Jonathan Saputra

    • evikvedpriagung

      October 26, 2011 at 4:58 am

      Thanks for your comment Joey, hahhahahahah.
      thanks for your spirit, hopefully in the next semester, I can handle it. 😀

  2. vaniuno

    October 25, 2011 at 11:17 am

    Same with me evik, my students said that I spoke too fast in explaining material to them. So, for the first time I explained, my students confused and i try to explain it again until they get the point of the material. 🙂

    • evikvedpriagung

      October 26, 2011 at 4:59 am

      thanks for your comment Novani,
      yeah, we have a same problem, Do you have suggestion, how to decrease the speed of our voice, hahahahahahha


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