Teaching Experience part 2

24 Oct

On the second week I did Teaching Experience, i start to do my Classroom Action Research (CAR). I begin to think about what should I do with those students.  How can I improve their learning better. I think that their problem is motivation, they look like not interest with Mathematics. So I have made a decision to make them more active and be spirit in learning Mathematics. I tried to make them in some groups, let them discuss with their group. Make them move on, so they will not be bored.

When I entered the class, I explained them the material firstly. I explain them still about trigonometry, continued the last meeting. I gave them exercises, I decided to give them 10 minutes only to do that, but it was too short for them. I never realised about that. I think it was enough time because I just give them a few exercises.  I have to go around the class to observed their work one by one, and explain again if they asked me about their difficulties in doing that. Unfortunately, it spent more time than I expected. So I need to think more about how to manage the class time management well.

After that, I made some groups of students. It was consist of 5 until 6 students in each group. I gave them tasks which I shown in my power point. They did that all with their group. I asked them to divided those task for each member, so they can do as soon as possible. They will not spend time a lot again. They do what I asked to them. But there is one group who did not work, it was the 4th group. I do not know what’s wrong with them. I came to that group, and asked them why they did not do their work? They just keep in silent and start to do the tasks. I stand up behind them to control their behavior during they do the tasks.

Then, the other group called me and asked me about their difficulties. After I go around the class to observed the other groups, I was back to the 4th group. They still did not want to do that. Ooouchh, I don’t know should I do?! Finally, I just try hard to smile to them -__-

Sometimes, I asked some students to write down their work on the whiteboard. And asked to the other students about is their friend’s answer right or not? Why the answer like this or that? Sometimes, I asked some students for come in front of the class to find out the formula, and the other students may help she/ he. So, there will be an interaction between them. Before that, she/ he did not want to come in front of the class. So, I have to tell them, “Don’t worry. You can do it” and it was success! (I remembered about the theory of motivation at that time) 😀

Actually, there are many experiences that I got during this Teaching Experience in that SMA. And I’m sure that you all got many great experiences too, friends! 😀



Posted by on October 24, 2011 in Reflection week 5, School Experience Week 2


2 responses to “Teaching Experience part 2

  1. aiiufull

    October 25, 2011 at 11:57 am

    Well hana, I also experienced what you went through. Manage class is difficult to do. Hope we can improve and do better in next semester. 🙂

  2. titiahdewimasitoh

    October 25, 2011 at 8:01 pm

    Hi, Hana..
    You are very patient yaa.. keep smile to your students who did not work their task.But, I think it was not enough, hmm, you can give them motivate, you can explain for what they are doing, and you can give them reward.. hehe 🙂
    I know you learn a lot how to deal with the situation in your class..


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