Teaching Experience week 2

24 Oct

At the second week of Teaching Experience in this semester, I got some new experiences. At this week, I had the third and fourth teaching session in grade X. At the third session, I got 90 minutes for my class. In this session, I changed my strategies to face the students and to make them more motivated. At the previous week, I asked them to work in group of 3. I arranged the group by using counting method. Students counted from one to seven, then they gathered with their friends that have the same number, but, the group work did not really effective. At the third session I gave students freedom to choose whether they want to arrange the group member by them self or let me arrange it. The students decided that they would like to arrange it by them self. I let them to do it. I was amazed, the students worked in group enthusiastically. It didn’t seem like the first time I asked them work in group. From this moment, I realized if teacher gives students freedom to choose in learning process, they will do it happily. There were some students who still didn’t want to do the assignment, but they are not as many as before. Most of students asked me about how to solve the mathematical problems that I gave. I was happy to explain it to them.

At the fourth session of my teaching experience, I only have approximately 45 minutes because the students came late to my class. Their biology lesson took my time without any notification. And it made me have to rearrange my plan for that lesson.

When the students entered to my class, they were looked very tired. Whereas, at that time I planned  to give them a test. I really confused. My students’ condition did not support my planning. Then I decided to give them a game to make them “wake up”. But, I could not let them do the games until it finish, because the time that I had was very limited. They were disappointed, I only said to them that tomorrow we’ll continue it. At least, the game made them a bit “wake up”, hopefully. After the game, I gave them a test. I had to do it, because my master teacher asked me to take students’ score and that day was my last day to teach them. I tried to motivate them by said that I will give the score of that test to their real teacher. I realized that may be my statement will make them become score oriented, but I thought that I need to said it. Because I wanted the students do the test seriously.

At the next day, unfortunately my master teacher cannot come to that school because he was sick. Then he asked me to replace him in the class that I taught during my teaching experience. So, I replace my master teacher. At that additional time, I only explained to them about how to solve a problem about linear equation system with three variables. After that we continued our games and took some picture as farewell party.

I really love my teaching experience in this semester. I got some understanding about how to face students in any condition. And how to motivate them to enjoy the learning process. Become a teacher is not an easy job, I am sure. Besides that, become a teacher means we need to learn as long as we live. And I am sure that I will struggle to learn as long as I live.


One response to “Teaching Experience week 2

  1. evikvedpriagung

    October 26, 2011 at 5:13 am

    dear Ismi,
    You have an amazing experience. 🙂
    yeah, your problem about your students came late because other teacher take your time is often problem that happen in the most of school in Indonesia. so that, we must have not only one plan, but also other plan. Have you Idea, to make students more interesting in their group that make by yourself?


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