5th Week Reflection

25 Oct

This week was the second week I came to SMA St B to do my teaching experience. Different with the previous week, in this week I felt more confident to face my students. This was caused by the opportunity that I got last Wednesday. That was the first time I taught my students in XI Science grade. They were so active in the learning activity process, though I did not use any active learning methods in my teaching. My master teacher limited my teaching experience to follow his style (traditional way) and I also must continue their teaching by exploring the exercises from him.

At first, I supposed to teach three times from Monday to Wednesday. But the reality happens not as well as the plan. My master teacher told me that I can teach in his classroom again on Wednesday. He only asked me to observe (again) his classroom on Monday and Tuesday. I am confused for a moment. I did not know how to deal with my Classroom Action Research (CAR) if I only taught one time in that week. So, I start to negotiate with my master teacher. Finally, he let me teach in Monday and Wednesday.

My CAR is a proactive one because I could not identify the problems in that class when I observe them. But, when I taught them last week (on Wednesday) and this week (Monday), I realized that they have a problem in solving mathematical problems. Gladly, I can find my topic and start to conduct my CAR.

I was so sad when I said my last words when I taught them on Wednesday. They really look sad and keep saying to let me stay in that school. Yap, this condition happened because I did not placed myself as their teacher or something else. I always says that I am their friend/brother and that makes them feel comfortable to study with me. I can also easily motivate them in their learning by being like that. I can motivate them to keep focus on their work, do not give up whenever they stuck in their learning and be more active in the classroom. I also say in my last words, that they are the best students so far in my teaching experience. Their activeness, curiosity, behavior, and many more things from them show that they are really want to learn the materials. The last thing that I said to them is to adapt their goodness in learning Mathematics in other subjects. I told them that I believe that they will be a success person someday if they keep learning like this. 🙂



Jonathan Saputra



One response to “5th Week Reflection

  1. nias91

    October 25, 2011 at 11:09 am

    it was good to be a friend to our students. I also feel what you feel. on the last day I teach, it does not want to part from them. Actually they are very nice kids, stay depends on how we interact with them.


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