My last but my first

25 Oct

This week is very sad to me, because i must to say good bye with my students. But actually i said “we will see in the sometime”, this school very exciting to me, because i can apply and improved the lesson from my college. And here dreams come true. Here the story of my school experiences.

In the October 17, if apply new my Classroom Action Research. It’s about reward. I want to prove that reward can increase the student’s motivation in mathematics. For do this research i buy a real reward that is a trophy as a medal in classroom tournament. This Tournament actually only a simple games, that consist of battle two big groups in the class. We will see how the champion groups eliminate member by member in that champion group.

When i start the class, i bring a trophy to the class i can see how my students in the class was so exciting about my lesson today. The first sentence that i said to all my students is “we will play a games of mathematics in quadratic function” an di heard all my students said horeeeeee!!!!!!

Before i start this game i doing reviews first to my student to know that the condition was ready. And I’m start the games i using fast and right question, the fastest group that can answer this question with correctly he will be going the champion. And the tournament starts!Both of the team, red and blue was very serious to answers my question faster.

But that is any trouble because the school inconsistent to make schedule, they push the bell in 12.00 actually the bell must be in 12.35, and I’m so very disappointed about that, But no problem my class still happy, fun and effective.

In the next meeting and also my last meeting my class so very very sad because it’s mean our tournament must be done and i must go back to my college. But i must professional, i doing my tournament fun and happy and i found some interesting in this session. I know that i found a student with high appreciated of mathematics, she cry when she cannot answer the question faster than the other friends and it’s make me so sad and happy because i feel mathematics was success to bring my class growing up with good motivation to be the best one.

Hmmmm, but the end was so dramatic. I give them a problem solving asa final test. But no one can answer my questions. I was given so many clue but they still cannot answer my question. So as my appreciation of this class i give this trophy as a class medal because i feel and think all of member this class is a champion.

I have special notice from this class, i never feel that this class not arrogant and can cooperative with nice, and i think this class can be develop very fast if they meet the right teacher hehe.


3 responses to “My last but my first

  1. Desyahrir Pertiwi

    October 26, 2011 at 6:45 am

    nice experience Andi 🙂
    but if i might give suggesstion, it’s better for you to reflect on your final test. you said that no one can answer to students eventhough you gave them many clues. whereas in that class there was a student who passionately in mathematics, so in my opinion just reflect “is the problem solving match with the level of students’ understanding? 🙂

  2. arifinnn

    October 26, 2011 at 9:41 am

    i agree with you, Andi…
    I think it is you job to do the best for your students…
    you can be a good teacher that create a new generation of teacher if you do better and better in your teaching.. 🙂 🙂

  3. anggraenihna

    October 27, 2011 at 6:00 am

    great Andi,,
    if you can handle the class, you can handle the students too.

    i just want to ask you about your problem solving that you give for them. you think, why they cannot do that? do you have any else reasons?


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