Reflection in school experiences 1

25 Oct

“Critical reading skill”

I could not go to school, SMA Yasporbi, to do observation on the first day, so I could not prepare what method should I used to face the students in the class. But it was never minds, because as I teacher candidate we should have “critical reading skill”, the skill I mean is the skill how to read the situation and we can make a conclusion to response that situation.

The condition of the class where I taught is very disappointed for some of my friends who taught in there too, because students in that school had low motivation to study math. Most of my friend’s plan was not running well. Some of them used a “sad face” after they had taught.

I tried to find the problem by asking some question to master teacher about the students who study there. I asked about their characteristic, achievement, economic background, etc. I found the problem that the students could not focus to the lesson and they had low motivation to study. Then I tried to find what method, I should used, to face them. My first plan was I taught to use worksheet, but after I thought deeply, I change my method to be an active learning by using peer discussion and Q&A.

Well the result, most of the students got involve to the lesson, even though there were 2 until 4 students still in same condition. But I think that method was good enough to engage students in that school to learn and also good for increase the motivation of the student.

I concluded that the problem on the school where I taught in school experiences program was not because they were stupid, and also not because they were naughty, but because they had low motivation to study and they did not find teacher like what they wanted.

So active learning was only one part of method, but the main points were how we can increase their motivation and how we can be the teacher like what they like. My last sentence is “you must be well in read the condition”. Because teaching is more than just theory.

Riyan Fajri



3 responses to “Reflection in school experiences 1

  1. Desyahrir Pertiwi

    October 26, 2011 at 6:33 am

    Exactly Riyan, knowing students’ condition is the key of teaching successness 🙂
    Students will enjoy if they were in learning process as they want 🙂 then learning process will happen not just from the teacher side but also the from students 😉

  2. arifinnn

    October 26, 2011 at 9:37 am

    yes, riyan..
    now, it is our job to improve our students motivation..
    never say give up to do it and we can make a new generation by improving our students motivation in learning… 🙂

  3. anggraenihna

    October 27, 2011 at 5:51 am

    very well Riyan, if u can handle the situation of your students.
    I know it’s hard enough to face them, but if we know the method which appropriate to them, they will be fun and understanding our teaching.
    thanks for your sharing,, 🙂


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