Reflection of School Experience 2

25 Oct

This reflection is about the second week of teaching experience. it was the last week of our school experience. Actually, I did school experience at SMA Y and I got more experiences to study many things in the school, such as the characteristics of students, teachers and school environment.

The first was about school environment, I thought that the school was very unique. I know that the facility is adequate and comfortable in teaching-learning process. There are wi-fi, audiovisual room, lab-bahasa,and Fingerprint Machine that used by all students and teachers to fill the attendance (the first time I saw that). Unfortunately, based on my observation, there was a power outage (pemadaman listrik) in one day of the week (at 11.30). Then, teaching-learning process was stopped. Because the situation (AC and lamp did not turn on) were not conducive for teaching-learning process. Students also asked me to stop teaching because of that. This is the uniqueness for me. It become their culture if a power outage happen, then all students will go home although it is before 14.30.

The second is about the teachers, we know that the teachers have an important role in teaching-learning process. Teacher also is a model for students. Their appearance is important but it has not too flashy to get students’ attention. Teacher have to give a good example as an educator. Teacher is not only transfer their knowledge and experience but also teacher give motivate/support students in order to be better. It is very different with my experience in the school because there were some teachers who did not realize their role.

The third about students. In this class, students were diverse and I tried to manage all of them. I also tried to call the students’ names to know them and to get their attention. There were students who enthusiastic in participating of learning activities such as asking question, and follow the learning actively. Actually, There were also troublemakers in my class but I tried to handle because I wanted them to follow my learning activities. One of my way was asking them to do something for helping me. Hehe.. 🙂

On Wednesday, I had math class in X.4 Grade but as you have read above, there was a power outage. Suddenly, my class was not conducive to learn because of the power outage. I tried to stay at my class but in fact students did not want to learn until the school announced to repatriate students. So, I continued my teaching in the next day.

On Thursday, my master teacher asked me to pursue my material to the next topic in a meeting. It was about the formulas of math, my master teacher asked me to give the formulas directly, he said that students did not need the concept of its formulas, so I had to give the formulas directly and gave the examples. I thought that I was a teacher candidate, I don’t want my students were given formulas like that. Unfortunately, This was a command from my master teacher and I had to follow his rule. If I was allowed to teach the students step by step, I did not have enough time to teach them. Hufh….

Titiah Dewi Masitoh



2 responses to “Reflection of School Experience 2

  1. fitriyanimajid

    October 25, 2011 at 8:09 pm

    interesting Titiah, that’s condition is like my senior high school. if the power outage happen. so the learning activity in that day will cancel. but, someday they are a teacher who care about that. that’s way the teacher try to continue the learning process and the result; student are not interest to the material and always comment “pulaaaaaang”… I think this is happen because the tradition in that school, they are habitually to cancel that learning process l if the power outage.

  2. andifirmansyahmmsel

    October 25, 2011 at 8:16 pm

    titiah i know you are very strong when teaching in the class room, you are so powerfull and energic, titiah be patient. i believe that you will be great teacher if you can use what you feel best one in your class. because when i observe you i can feel enjoy because you was doing anything to make the class very fun and effective, so be confidence and keep moving up yah n.n:)


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