Reflection of Week 2 TE: Teacher’s Voice is Important!

25 Oct

On the second week, I have two meeting with X-2 at SMA Y. I made a video of quadratic function to help me explaining the materials, because my voice is too soft and could not cover the whole class. But, there was a problem when I play the video. The speaker was not loud enough so my students cannot hear the sound clearly. Finally, I decided to explain the material manually, by using power point.

When I entered activity session, there were other problems happen. The activity has purpose to give them deep understanding about completing square method in quadratic equation. I gave them an A4 paper, origami paper, glue and cellophane tape. I asked them to do the activity in pairs. I have written the instruction in power point and explained what they should to do. But, when I asked them to do the activity, they do not want to follow my instruction. Some of them dabbed the glue into their friends’ chair, desk. Some others stick the cellophane tape from window to desk and from desk to desk. I was angry to them and asked them to collect the glue and cellophane tape then give it back to me. Unfortunately, my voice is too soft. They ignored me.

I need around 10 minutes to make them paid attention to me again. I was shocked. I did not predict the class became noisier and “wild” if I give them practical activities.

On the last meeting of my TE, I decided to do not use anything related with practical activities. I just show them simulation by using video, then give some examples of ABC formula and ask them to do exercises. I asked some students to give “thunder applause” to their friends who come to in front of the class and doing the exercise n the blackboard. I tried to give them motivation to do the exercise in front of the class.

I also use handclaps to get their attention. When I said “1”, “3”, and “5”, they should to clap their hand once. If I said “2” and “4”, they must be silent and do not claps their hands. Unfortunately, not all of the students want to follow my instruction. Some students do not want to claps their hand when I asked. When I asked them why they do not want to claps their hand, they said, “kayak anak SLB aja kak belajar tepuk tangan segala”.


In order to make the situation melted, I insert a game as group task for them. Based on my experience last week, I asked them to form their own group by themselves. I just gave the rules how many students are allowed in each group and what are the game rules.

The game was held in 15 minutes. There were not all students involve into the games. Some students who sit on the last row of seat did not interest to do the game.

On the last 20 minutes, I asked them to do an individual exercise. Some students who did not want to do the exercise on the last meeting want to do the exercise although they only can fill one number.

My reflections for all Teaching Experience (TE) at this semester are:

Students need motivation but the kind of motivation is different for every students


Teacher’s voice is important! Because motivation, instruction and explanation will be clear for students if a teacher has loud voice.


Shinta Puspita Kencanasari

2 responses to “Reflection of Week 2 TE: Teacher’s Voice is Important!

  1. evikvedpriagung

    October 26, 2011 at 5:41 am

    great reflection mbak,
    yea, I totally agree with you that voice is very important, do you have any suggestion to improve your volume of vou=ice mbak, maybe you can share with us, because many of us has a problem like you. 🙂

  2. Shinta Puspita

    October 26, 2011 at 7:18 am

    Dear Evik,
    I still confuse, how I can make my voice louder. Maybe I need “TOA” on next semester if I cannot make it louder. Because I won’t it happen again on next TE. 🙂


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