School Experience Part 2

25 Oct

In this session I will share my whole teaching experiences from week 1 until the end. But, I only share some interesting or important thing to be shared (in my opinion). Firstly about the welcoming from the school coordinator was very nice. They gave us comfortable room (meeting room) as our base camp during we did our school experiences. They gave us some cups of tea too. For some of my friends and me thought that this is the best school that very welcome to us.

About the master teacher, like I said before in previous reflection, my master teacher is very discipline and firm. She is also angry. When her students asked to her about the material because he/she didn’t understand yet, she will scold her students and said “why you didn’t pay attention to me while I was explaining to you?” or “makanya kalo Ms. jelasin tadi tuh dengerin” or “I don’t want to answer unimportant questions!” The interesting things are my master teacher also gives reward and punishment to her students. During I observe her in the class that I taught; she asked some trouble students to push up (until they debt up to 150 times) and write statement like “saya berjanji tidak akan terlambat lagi” as much as 2 pieces of paper as the punishment. She gives scores if the student can do the exercises that she gave and gave some smart students a chocolate while they were doing test as the reward.

About the students, some students are very active (kinesthetic). They could have a walk during the learning activity, and some of them are very quiet. We have to have power and make them respect to us, so that they want to follow our instructions (for several time -,-‘). Controlling the class is one of my weaknesses, because I have no power (I am not firm enough). I was letting my students’ chit chat with their friends, but I still control and make sure that the chit chat was about discussing the exercise that I gave to them.

The thing that I learnt from my experiences, we have to care about the personal of each my students. Knowing the ability of each students, be patient of the students who cannot understand our explanation, don’t judge them that they are slower, but we have to reflect that may be the approaches that we use in learning process is not appropriate in that class. Guide them personally to make them understand about the material is sometimes needed to built their trust to us, but don’t make them depend on us. These are my challenge…

Aida Rahmi



2 responses to “School Experience Part 2

  1. evikvedpriagung

    October 26, 2011 at 5:35 am

    hmmm, nice reflection Aida,
    how fortunate you are, because you get some of tea, It did not happen in my school, huhuhuhuhuhuuh.
    wow, your master teacher is very scary I think, she make students feel afraid, if I’m student in that school, maybe I feel lazy and scary to learn mathematics, it’s very scary, hehehehehehe.
    Hopefully, you are not like her, you must be a good teacher Aida. 🙂

  2. radianekipur

    October 26, 2011 at 9:28 am

    We don’t need to do the same thing that our master teacher done. Just did what you are believe is the best for your class. Good luck for the next experience :p


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