School Experience Part-2

25 Oct

My teaching experience in the second week only going one time. Yeah, in this second week, the school already have an outdoor activity in Purwakarta. Two from ten of my friend follow the activity on there and being an adviser for students. Well, after I’m gonna make reflection of my teaching experience. In the second meeting, my activity little bit same with the previous on, those are students presentation, individual work as post test for my research and another activity is students reflection for my teaching practice on their class. Okay, let’s talk about it one by one. At the end of first meeting, I give my student homework in group. Each group get one exercise, but don’t think it’s a easy exercise. It is not easy because I didn’t explain yet about the little topic, but I assume my students already understood about the previous topic that related to their homework. I really hope that they are discuss it and make it together. Then, in the second meeting I ask them to present their group work result. The presentation begin from group one till group five, so there are two groups that didn’t present their work yet. It because I decided continue to the next activity. The next activity is lecturing. I take a part to make sure my students understanding about this topic, I try to involve them to make a conclusion about the way to get the solution for inequality. After that I give them post test, and I told to them, the result of this post will not affect you final score for your report, so you don’t need to write down your name. But, almost the student on this class collect their paper with big effort that they can do. It’s interesting for me, because I know that the science student would be more interested with the exercise that little bit difficult for them. They said that it’s challenging for me so I should try my best to solve this question. Finally, I know that teacher with big effort to prepare their activity in the class will affect the effort of the students to be struggle learning the topic.


Based on my experience on teaching experience year three, I get something new that might be could be my references for next teaching experience, some of them are listed below:

  1. Observe the class that would be your class, it’s better if you have an opportunity to observe another class, then make the comparison between those two classes.
  2. Make a preparation as good as you can, ask the master teacher about the learning habit of the class. If possible make an exercise different from the book that they use.
  3. If your class is “active student” prepare a lot activity for them, so they won’t busy with their personal business.
  4. Exercise is important! So, make it by using Bloom Taxonomy, give them the exercise from the easy until the complex difficult. If possible give them problem solving.
  5. Trying to remember the name, because your students already have a name. Ask them the nickname that they like to called!
  6. Don’t give the student homework if they are already understood about the topic that you teach, it’s better if you give them homework about reading the next topic.
  7. Always motivated and give them positive reinforcement during the class or feedback for their examination or homework.
  8. Ask them about your teaching and how should you treat them.

Thank you for reading 🙂



One response to “School Experience Part-2

  1. aidacho2

    October 25, 2011 at 12:16 pm

    hi Eki,

    Nice to read your post. Lucky you were that you can conduct the learning activity for your CAR, well. I have to learn more from you.

    I also like your 8 reflections above. I very agree with it to be a good teacher.
    Keep learning… 🙂


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