School Experience Week 2

25 Oct

In the second week, I felt so excited to came to school because I don’t want to missed my “extraordinary” class :p

Did you remember how “extra” my class that I’ve told you on previous reflection? Yes, I have to be extra power, extra voice, and extra teaching strategies if you want to teach extra noisy, extra, extra, and extra :p . But honestly, they motivated me to be better in managing class condition. My class is really challenging for me, in the first until fourth days I cannot really catch the class because some of students did not pay attention to the class and make class so noisy. My master teacher said that I have to be passion with that class, in every the end of my class, my master teacher always said “gimana? Masih sanggup?” oh God, I have to find the “extra” strategies that can be catch their attention. And…… tadaaaaa 😀  in the last meeting I can get all of their attention we we weeee.

How I can do that? The key is authority. In the previous meeting I said to them that we will doing games in class, but because of the time we arrange agenda together in class that tomorrow we have to do games in class and they felt so excited to this. The next day, some of them really remember about the agenda that we have discussed in the previous meeting and remind me (so excited for them yeah). The game is “BOOM 7”, all of you already know about that game, right?! After we find 7 students that must be given the punishment, other students want them to sing. I think they really enjoy at that time because the students that sing a song not only students that get punishment, but almost all of students in that class singing together. Then, we continue to the group assignment. I told them to choose, they want to divide class into some group based on my choice or themselves. All of them prefer to make a group by themselves. Then, they felt enjoy and focus (some of them) to their assignment. Huuuffttt, finally they can focus on their task. In the end of the session, one of students asks me for the next agenda (I still have 1hour in the next session) to watching movie. Honestly, it’s not in my plan. But, I try the strategies with giving them the authority. Some of students that really noisy in class can be so quiet and calm because of that movie. In the middle of that movie, I stop the movie and I ask them to finishing their task that I have given it to them. The movie can control their attention, they really excited when doing that task.

So guys, if we want to manage the class well, we have to catch all of students’ attention first. 🙂


Mita Pustari




3 responses to “School Experience Week 2

  1. masterzeld

    October 25, 2011 at 6:53 pm

    Yeah I agree with you.
    Fortunately, I also got class which contains of “extra” active and “extra” talkative students. At first, they ignored me. Then I tried to use personal approach to them and it works.
    Being teacher in “extras” class is require many approach to teach.



  2. Shinta Puspita

    October 26, 2011 at 7:25 am

    Mita, I totally agree with you.
    Students need authority to make them enjoy the lesson and enjoy the class, but we still have to control their activities.
    I know that was so hard to be an “extraordinary” teacher for them in two weeks. But you did it!!
    Congratulation! 😀

  3. ismiapriliani

    October 26, 2011 at 8:59 am

    Standing applause for you mita, because I know how you were struggle for that class 😀

    From your reflection, I learn that sometimes we need extraordinary strategy to catch up our students’ attention. Although that strategy don’t really related to our subject which is mathematics. Like you did in teaching experience, games and watching movie to caught students attention. But it was really nice I think. In this case, we need to think out of the box. Sometimes its hard, but when we see our students eager to learn, we’ll feel it priceless 🙂


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