teaching experience week 2

25 Oct

This is the second reflection about teaching experience in week 2. It was great and fun because I met them 2 times. I really miss them and to be addicted to teach. They gave me spirit to show my best in teaching.

In the first meeting, I was observed all of them and tried to know them. I designed the activity for my class before I teach them. I learned from first meeting, when I divided class into some group randomly by the activity, it made groups not balanced.  So, in the second meeting I tried to divide group based on student’s ability. Ya, because in this teaching experience I also doing my CAR (classroom action research), I tried to use one of method to my class. My CAR is about “cooperative learning group increase student’s motivation in doing mathematics problem”. And the problem of my class is my students are individual. Therefore, I still used grouping based on student’s ability and used reward for groups. First, I gave them exercise that should be solved in groups and every question has different point, so they more motivated to collaborate with their groups to solve the problem. I saw they actively discuss about the question even though there are students in group don’t want give contribution. So, I tell them to give assessment to each member about their contribution. So they tried to actively in group and discuss about it. Surprisingly, when one a group finished they asked additional question so that they got more point, and was followed by another groups.

In the third meeting, I recall them about previous meeting, I’m happy because my student really understand about the material that I gave them. In the third meeting I still used grouping, I gave more motivation to them in group. I tried to monitor each group when solved problem. I encourage some students that passive in groups. And I realized when the teacher closed to students, they respect to their teacher.

in the second week, I learn about how gave feedback influence students motivation. Like I did, when I gave them feedback in their work. They happy when read it, and also want to improve their work.

Wow, teaching experience in this semester was great. I learn more from it.

Triana afriani



4 responses to “teaching experience week 2

  1. mimitgugu

    October 25, 2011 at 6:08 pm

    Great experience, Triana 🙂
    I also use grouping in my class, first I divide group based on students’ ability but they not really enjoy with their group. The next session, I give them authority to choice their group member by themselves and I see that they felt really enjoy.

    I see that you can manage your class well. Did you know the condition of my class (read my reflection week1&2)? Would you like to give me any suggestion how to control my class ? 🙂

    Mita Pustari

  2. titiahdewimasitoh

    October 25, 2011 at 7:12 pm

    when I read your reflection of teaching experience, I feel that you are really enjoy with your class. I’m happy to read it. congratulation yaa,,
    about CAR, hopefully it (students, situation, ect) can support your research to increase student’s motivation in doing mathematics problem ..
    could I know what kind of your reward for group? is it more point for group or…??

  3. Shinta Puspita

    October 26, 2011 at 7:16 am

    Hi Triana,
    I agree with you that giving feedback will influence students’ motivation.
    What kind of feedback that you give for your students?
    Would you share it to me?
    Thanks… 😀

  4. ismiapriliani

    October 26, 2011 at 8:16 am

    Become a teacher means that we have to be creative. I think, grouping is one of creative strategy in teaching. I also did grouping in my teaching experience, and I think it helps students to understand learning materials. And maybe because of they learn together, they were motivated to solve the mathematical problem because they can share and discuss how to solve it. May be it related to theory about need of relatedness. When people getting together with their community it will influence their motivation in learning.
    thank you Triana 🙂


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