The Best School I Ever Met

25 Oct

Okay, the second week of my teaching experience was the most exciting part of the program. I got so many valuable things beside experience. They were excellent students, a kind cooperative teacher, and also school service.

The students that I taught were so marvelous. They were smart, although they didn’t like problem solving. Nevertheless, every time I asked them to do problem solving exercises either individually or in group, they did it as well as possible. Sometimes they got confused on what should they do toward the problems given. That made me laughed because their expression was so funny. They gave me so many comments and also gave me an epithet as MR. Problem (Mr. Soal). I thought it sounds silly, but I had to do it because it was for my action research task. Nonetheless, I also motivated them to never give up solving the problems. At the end of the class (and also my last time teaching there), I asked them to give me feedback toward my teaching method. Well, I guessed that they would complain to me about giving so many problems, and it was so, hahahhaha. But, in another side, they told me that they understood every material I taught to them and they said that my teaching skill was proficient. Well, their feedback really really motivated me to be better in teaching. I love and proud of them so much!!!

While my students gave me positive feedback, my cooperative teacher did so. He always supported me and never complained toward my teaching methods that would be carried out in the classroom. He always met me first before I started my teaching. He was really care to me, and my other 2 friends. He always observed me when I was teaching, and at the end he gave me positive feedback toward my teaching skill. It was very honorable getting compliment from a math teacher with years teaching experiences.

And the last was the school service. It was the best service I ever got as long as I followed teaching experience program in some schools. The school administrators warmly greeted us and warmly let us farewell. The atmosphere in the school was so comfortable and made me enjoy teaching there. The facilities were complete and usable. Well, the school was amazing for me. I hope I can get that school again on the next teaching experience program.

Faqih Al Adyan


2 responses to “The Best School I Ever Met

  1. titiahdewimasitoh

    October 25, 2011 at 7:32 pm

    You are lucky, faqih..
    your teaching experience was very interesting there..
    till you love and proud of your students, I think your students feel the same about you.
    Congratulation yaa.. 🙂

  2. masterzeld

    October 26, 2011 at 8:08 am

    Hm… Look like you have Fortune Goddess on your side.
    It was good experience, you must be grateful because you have good class and nice students. I guess you only have some few problems that you have to overcome while teaching in their class. I also believe problem that appears is tends to technical rather than substantial problem through your teaching.
    Congratulation Faqih.



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