Unexpected Moments: Learn from it!

25 Oct

From my second week teaching experience, it was a bit different from previous week because unexpected moments happened on this week. However, I always ready for anything that would happen. On Monday, I had no class to teach but there was a consultation session with my master teacher. The first unexpected thing happened on that day, my master teacher said that I would have one last teaching and the last meeting would be test/quiz session. Actually, in first day, he said to me that I had four meetings for teaching. He also asked me to make question for this quiz and two lesson plans for next two meetings. Then, I prepared it after he asked me to do it.
Next day, my planning were interviewing my students for my CAR and consulting the quiz’s questions. I was interviewing some students to know their motivation on math as starting point of their motivation. Second unexpected thing happened, my master teacher wanted me to use questions just on students’ textbook, and he asked me to make the new one. I guess…that’s why my students have not motivation because their assessment was not really challenging them to learn more about the content. It’s also proven by result of my interview on one of my students. My master teacher was deeply textbook/handout oriented. However, as teacher candidate, I have to learn to be professional and I have to be good decision maker. I combined some question from my students’ textbook and internet because this quiz it also the media for motivating students to learn and instrument for my CAR.
My last teaching was applying cooperative learning, which is a student teams-achievement division (STAD) grouping methods. I combined STAD with games to increase my students’ motivation. It was going well; every member of the team could participate actively for winning the games and the discussion was happening. They seemed very interesting on doing the task in group and also they could have hard discussion on it. Some students who got confusion would initiatively ask their friends or me. However, they could not answer all questions because of the time and that ‘challenging’ question. I realized that they were not familiar with that kind of question. They were also sticked on the handout, they would open the handout to answer the given question even when they discussed. Actually, I didn’t give them the handout, but they printed my ppt to be their handout. (“—____—)
Last unexpected thing happened on my last meeting; I just had 40 minutes for teaching including for quiz and subtracted by teacher’s announcement. Huaaa!! It because there will be Edufair preparation. I didn’t have time for review or apply other game, I just went through the quiz. Luckily, my students could finish it on time and got nice scores. 🙂
From this situation, I learn to be a good decision maker, I must have plan B for anything and I should motivate students by using something new. 🙂

Ratih Anindiya


2 responses to “Unexpected Moments: Learn from it!

  1. Faqih_Al_Adyan

    October 25, 2011 at 1:44 pm

    Oh Ratih, you got so many jackpots, didn’t you? Well, I like how you handled the class condition while the unexpected class occurred. I agree with you that plan B is very important for teachers because there will be so many obstacles will distract our plan.

    • ratihanindiya

      October 25, 2011 at 2:00 pm

      Haha yes, i got it, Qih! But i glad to have it as my experience.. I can learn from it.. That’ s why we should improve our teaching and be creative 😉


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