Week Fifth: Last Week of Teaching Experience

25 Oct

This week is the last week we doing Teaching Experience and embedded course on it. In this week I taught my class twice. Besides teaching, I also did Classroom Action Research (CAR) that I have been prepared from previous week. Little explanation about my CAR, I decided Student Teams Achievement Division (STAD) grouping as a method to increase students motivation to learn Mathematics. I prepared group distribution, materials, and worksheet.

However, when I knew that I will have very “active” students in my class, I knew that my CAR plan is destroyed. It is impossible to directly apply grouping in the class that there is gap between male and female students, between high learning pace and low learning pace students, between active and inactive students. Start from that, I renewing my plan from STAD to pair group.

I confidently thought that pair method at least work in the class. However I was wrong, even not completely wrong. I assumed that by doing worksheet in pairs will calm them down a bit, but it was wrong.Another problem appears. It is true that they formed pairs, but they did not want to do the worksheet. In this emergency situation, I need to make a right decision. I do not know this decision is right or not, but I decided to use personal approach to each pair in the class. I came to their desk; ask is there any problem that they met in working on worksheet. Then, based on their problem I tried to give them suggestion, clue, probing, made analogy, use step by step in answer questions on worksheet, and if they done it wrong I tried to convince that it was not true. By using personal approach, I could lead students in the class who ignored me, very “active”, and talkative finished worksheet that I have prepared for them. It was a great moment for me; at least I could make them following one of my instructions, answering question on worksheet.

Reflecting on previous week, I thought having class which contains of students who “active” in not the way I want them active will dragged me into sorrow. I confessed that I dragged into sorrow, but I saw a rare-golden-chance that maybe will not come to me again next time. Then, I took the positive side that this class is a challenge for me to improve my teaching skill and class management. I wonder how sorrowful I am now if I do not take the positive side of my class. That condition reminds me to a very wise sentence that I quote from a cartoon movie, Avatar the Legend of Aang. In that movie Prince Zuko said that “Sometimes clouds have two sides, a dark and light, and a silver lining in between. It’s like a silver sandwich! So when life seems hard, just take a bite out of the silver sandwich”.

In the end, that all lead me into a conclusion; teaching students who very “active” is not a disaster, it is a rare-golden-chance to be great teacher

Huda Marofiq


2 responses to “Week Fifth: Last Week of Teaching Experience

  1. Faqih_Al_Adyan

    October 25, 2011 at 1:54 pm

    Ciee…Huda..I was impressed with your toughness. It was quite different from me because I got very very comfortable and organizable class and I was really-really grateful, because of it. Nevertheless, I realized that being in comfortable zone will make me dragged into satisfaction, whereas there are so many students and in-organizable classes that need more attention and skillful teachers.

    • masterzeld

      October 25, 2011 at 7:00 pm

      Hahahahaha Thanks Faq. I think teaching in “troublemaker” class is good chance. “Active” & “talkative” students will directly stimulate teacher’s creativity and increase teaching and class management skill, if the teacher is open-minded. The story will become very different if the teacher is conservative-close-minded teacher, who stubborn use same teaching method that obviously not applicable in his/her class.
      Finally, it all back to us as teacher, whether think “troublemaker” class as disaster or as golden chance to be better teacher.



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