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Reflection week 10

At the 10th meeting of MMSEL course we learn about what kind of classroom, learner, and teacher that can build motivation to learn in school.

First activity, I wrote about classroom that support students to have motivation in learning. We agree that tidy, clean, and comfortable classroom will support students. Besides that the relationship among students, students to teacher will influence students motivation too. If the member of the class care to each other and eager to help each other it will motivate students to learn in that class.

Second is about learner. We have to realize, even though if the classroom and the teacher support to motivate students to learn it is not enough. Students as the learner need to have self regulation to learn. Especially for students in Senior High School, they are still teenager but they have to learn to be responsible for their self. They have to realize that learning will give advantages for their future.

Third, we learn about teacher perspective. We need teacher that eager to motivate students. For example, the teacher want to give extra time for students to teach them about the materials. Teacher need to care to students condition, do not judge students if they get bad mark. The teacher need to be aware to the factors of students’ laziness. Become a teacher is become a super hero. It means that teacher are expected to help students who need them very much.


Ismi Apriliani


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Reflection Week 10th

On last meeting I came to class at 10.10 AM, it is mean that I was late but I could still come and join the class. Well, I could join all activities that conducting on that class and I remember most of the lesson on that day.

Motivation on the class was coming from three aspects, start from teacher, class condition and students’ self regulation. These are aspects that influenced motivation to learn in the class.

First aspect that influenced motivation in learning process is teacher characteristic. Students need motivated teacher to make their motivation increase. For example teacher who has good attitude, professional when teaching, friendly, etc. well students will be motivated to came to the class, because of teacher characteristic.

Next aspect is class condition. The condition of the class also can effect students’ motivation. Class conditions consist of classmates, class facilitation, and class environment. If all of these are in good condition, so it will also make all population in the class motivated to do learning.

And last aspect was students self regulation. This aspect is about how students performance to do learning in the class. This aspect is also consist of how students set their objective when their conducting learning process. So, if how good students performance and students’ objective, so it also influences learning process motivation.

Well, for getting good motivation when the learning process conducting, so these there aspect must be good also.

Riyan Fajri


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Reflection week 10

In week 10, we learn about Class structure, Self-regulated Learners and Teacher Characteristics. First activity, we write our experiences based on guiding question given. For group A, write about motivating classroom, group B write about self-regulation, group C write about motivating teacher.  I write my experience about teacher who motivates me. My teacher, who is also my homeroom teacher taught religious course in my class. He is a holy person. Every time he teaches, my class became quiet and peaceful. His belief that really influences us is we have to become honest, sincere and responsible person.

We share our experience while Ms. Lydia wrote the key of our story.  After that about four people from same group gather and do discussion to be presented as two stay two stray method. My group discuss about teacher characteristic that can increase students motivation on mastery goal and performance goal. The other group discuss about class condition that can support students and self-regulation of students.

Differences between mastery goal and performance goal are in mastery goal, success means students gave improvement in understanding, while in performance goal success means have high grades and doing better than other. Teacher oriented in mastery goal is students learning while in students’ performance is students’ performance

In teacher case, to make students more motivated, teacher has to be more care to her students; she also has to have expectation to her students. Teacher has to have beliefs that cause students learn better.

Classroom condition that can support students is a class which is cozy, have an appropriate size, temperature etc., and have adequate facilitate to learn.

Self-regulation is the process to set goals, the process, the strategies, the behaviors, etc. Self-regulation requires a huge responsibility of oneself.

That’s all my reflection abou week ten. Thank you.

Rahayu Kinasih



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Reflection Week 10

In the week 10, I have to make a reflection again about what I have learnt in MMSEL class after Mid Test. The first activity, Ms Lidya divided us into 3 groups. The first group will be the classroom environment group, second will be the teacher group, and the last will be the students group. Every group have to reflect what are the things that influence motivation to learn something based on the theme of each group. My group was the students group and we have to reflect it individually.

After we did the reflection, we share it to another group, so we made some groups that consist of 3 persons that come from different group theme. After that, we sharing together with Ms. Lydia. Throug this sharing I got more information about what are the things that will influence students to learn.

The next activity is Ms Lydia asked us to divide again each grou into two small group that consist of 3-4 persons. We were asked to find the literature about mastery goal and performance goal for class environment and teacher groups and self regulation for my group, students group.

My small group discussed and found the literature about self regulation of students based on their grade. Different grade of students sometimes influence the way of the students to make the regulation or manage their selves to increas their motivation to learn.

After we discussed it, Ms Lydia asked us to present our work with two stay two stray method. From other group that explain about mastery goal and performance group, they said that mastery goal will focus on how the environment or teacher influence the students to master the material or the concept deeper, and about the performance goal focus on how the environment or teacher influence the students to achieve the high score, the best performance and perfect result. From this activity we concluded that we as a teacher have to makes students be balance in both of those goals.

Aida Rahmi



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Class condition, Self regulated, and Teacher Characteristic

Thursday, November 24, 2011, was the first session of MMSEL subject after midterm. I didn’t know actually what we were going to learn at the time. It was not make me confused, because I knew we would have enjoy learning. As I guest before, we had enjoyed learning. There were varieties activities in this class. Our topic was about class structure, self regulated learner, and teacher characteristics.

In the opening session, our beloved lecture, Mrs. Lydia, divided class into three groups, A, B, and C. each of students get their group and they had to imagine then write about class structure for group A, self regulated learner for group B, and teacher characteristics for group C. We had to write the ideal condition three of part above base on our experience. Ideal condition means that it can influence our motivation to learn.

I myself was in group C, so I had to write about teacher characteristics in my imagination. In writing it, I remembered my senior high school teacher. He was an English teacher. His name is Mr. Yasin. I always remember about him, because he was a different teacher. I felt comfort when he taught me. He could burn my motivation especially in learning. I didn’t know exactly what makes him different from other teacher. He only gave students a simple concept about a meaningful life. He gave students religion value and moral value in this life. I could never forget about him, even he is not a teacher anymore.

After writing about my teacher, Mrs. Lydia asked us to join with other different group that is A and B. My partner for sharing were Faqih from group A, and Huda from group B. Faqih shared about ideal class condition. as i remember, it was consisted of value that is applied in the class such as; respect, inclusive, empathy, and integrity. Huda shared about how learning can improve his self regulated. Huda said learning about ict can improve his self regulated. It is caused he was very inrested in ICT. And through those idea, we shared each other.

After we shared each other, Mrs. Lidya asked us to join with our three of same groups that is group C. I joined with Riyan, Titiah, and Andi. As our lecture asked, we have to search the theory about good teacher characteristics that can improve students learning motivation. We have to present it to other group.

That’s all our activity on MMSEL section last week.  Suddenly, I remember about my beloved teacher (Mr.Yasin). However, he was a good teacher  that can motivate his students by explaining about  meaning of life. I miss him so much.


Nur Arifin (2009110006)



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reflection week 10

last week i cannot come to the class because i was sick. i’m really miss this course especially the activity also my friends, 😦

In this reflection, i try to reflect the material of 10th week based on my friend explanation. My friend told me, last week she learned about self regulation, teacher characteristic and classroom environment. there are activity at that time, such as discussion group and two stay three stray. a lot of material that i missed last week. 😦 so, i searching some of the material on internet to find out the meaning of that. but, honestly i still confuse to understand it.:(

In my opinion, self regulation in learning is an important aspect of learning and achievement in academic context.Students who are self regulating are much more likely to be successful in school, to learn more also to achieve their goals. so, it is important for students feeling in control of learning and the value of intrinsic over extrinsic motivation.Beside that it is important for teacher to design classroom environment that can develop self regulation in learning.

In my opinion self regulation, teacher characteristic and classroom environment can increase student’s motivation. its related each other. it can influence each other. if talking about teacher characteristics, remain me about my teacher in senior high school. he is a good teacher for me, he have good classroom management skill, he can handle the class also make class active. besides that, he always gave positive expectation for all students in my class. he belief that all of us become success in the future. he always motivate me, to show my best in every part. friendly, humble, humor and care to all of us. he always make classroom environment become comfort, and i enjoy it. i think teacher plays an important role to make good classroom environment.

I think that’s all my reflection. 🙂

Triana Afriani



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first Reflection after mid semester

Thursday, 24th of November 2011

Well, today is the first day after we did mid semester, wow, the time is run faster, hehehehehe. Yeah, today is still MMSEL course that started at 8.00am o’clock. Today we learn so many things, we learn about teacher, learner and environment that increase our motivation to learn in that class.

Before we discuss it more, in the first time we divided into three big groups. In this part, we got different topic to discuss with our big group and in this moment I got teacher, what will we do? Yeah we write anything about our experience in the past about learner, teacher, and environment that increase our motivation to learn. I got teacher, so I focus to write about my experience with my teacher. Only few story for my experience, in my senior high school, I am not good in mathematics, but in the ninth grade, I can get better in mathematics because my teacher encourage me to ask and give me to chance to do anything about math, she always give explanation with real one, it make so happy to learn mathematics, so that I can got good mark in mathematics. I’m very happy about that.

After, we write our experience, we share each other with the rule, the small group consist of 3 group that have one from teacher, one from learner and one from environment. I got mbak Desy and Jonathan. I learn environment from mbak Desy and I can learn about leraner from Jonathan. This is very interesting, because I can learn with my friend and it make me more understand.

After share with jonathan and mbak desy, we share with our friend, Miss lidya guide us so that we can get the important key about learner, teacher, and environment that can help students to feel happy and comfort in learning process.

After that, we also discuss more about that, I discussed with Rahayu and Novani, we discuss deeply about teacher that must be a motivator and make student feel comfort in learning process. we discuss it in Library, because we want to find some resources. After we find it, we must write it and we presented it to our friend, the role is if one of us be a presenter and then the other must go to the other group’s work. It’s very interesting.

I think, it’s enough for today, I got so many thing with fun way to get it. Thank you for all.


Evik Dwi Priagung



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Meeting after Midterm

After midterm, this meeting is the first meeting. We writing about the teacher and classroom who motivate the student and also how student manage their emotion to be motivate. We divide into three group based on the topic. After that Miss Lydia engaged us to discuss about what we write. We can see that we can decide motivated classroom and teacher based on our experience. The classroom condition and the teacher is the factor that influences student motivation. But after I read some book, I think the classroom condition is formed by the teacher. So, I conclude that teacher is a key to motivate student. But student itself has a big influence into them self. How student manage their emotion, and manage their time also important, it’s a kind of self-regulation.

Based on goal orientation theory, they are separate into two. They are mastery goal and performance goal. Mastery goal is more focused on earning a high grade, and that’s why I work hard to learn. My performance is better than it was at the beginning of the semester. Performance goal is I want to avoid mistakes so I can get a good grade. That’s the reward for studying hard; my performance is better than other students. It’s good for teacher to make student have a good mastery goal, performance goal.

sometime the class condition also based on the total student in that class and the facilities. If the total of student in the class to much, it’s can be noisy and conducive. About facilities, it is also impact the student motivation. if it is comfort it will influence student motivation.


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Class Situation, Learner, and Teacher

Last week of MMSEL course, we have a lot of discussion in group. The topic for the day is about 3 things that can affect someone to learn, that are class structure, teacher, and also learner. Before we started the activity, we have brain gym to make us more relax and ready to do the activity. After that, we did group discussion. Mrs. Lydia divided us into some groups.

My group and I discussed about the teacher. We consider for a moment about motivating teacher that helped us as a learner to genuinely want to learn who was able to influence us to go beyond another course finished, another credit earned. We imagined that teacher and remember what learning was like in that classroom. For me, it was in junior high school. When I was in Junior high school, I join science club. This class is prepared for Olympiad. This club is guided by the teacher that can motivate me when I learnt about Mathematics. He showed me many application in Mathematics, how to learn with the real object, for example learn Math using “Hanoi Tower”. I learned about pattern of sequence and how to get the sequence by using that real object. That’s very interesting. My teacher always supports me when I felt that I can’t solve the problem, when I stacked on one problem. He was a teacher who was motivated me and my friends. In this club, we have the same purpose and we struggle together to get that we want. This club is like special class after or before the formal class. We solve higher level problem and my teacher show me the way how to solve it with interesting way. I think the teacher like that can motivate us in better learning and can increase student’ self expectation.

For the class structure, there are some affects that can improve student’s motivation. That are about classmates who care, helpful, cooperative, kind, active, responsible, open minded and respect. That can make us comfortable in learning process. Beside of that, the class condition (Clean, temperature, facilitation, size) is important. Motivation and interest from learner itself is also affects someone to learn that can help students in developing their self confidence in learning process.

Then, we discussed about teacher characteristics deeply. It’s about mastery focused and performance. In mastery focused, we talk about the material. We focus on the process, not result; teacher can give project or task based on students’ interest but still challenges. About the performance, teacher can make every students feel like somebody. Students can see the performance and reflect each other to make a better learning. I hope for the future, I can be a teacher that can motivate my students in learning.

Novani Lieadi



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Reflection on 10th Week :)

Honestly, I don’t think that I had enough motivation for starting the 10th week on MMCEL class. Started the day with ‘ngebut’ on the way to campus and the playlist that maybe wake me up, it was not really help me to do it. However, the day should be happening.

I thought Ms Lydia could read our minds that still want to lie on the bed, and then she started with Brain Gym to make us relax and ready to learn. For me, it was helpful and could make me relax. The first activity was discussion, but we expected to write down our experience and our thought on a piece of paper before the discussion session. Group A had sub topic about teacher characteristics, group B was Learner point of view, and group C was about class structured. I included in group B, I wrote the answer of guiding question about learner point of view about skills that we had and what can be the influence of developing it. The discussion was not for member of same group, but one circle of discussion should be include different group, which are A, B and C. My circle was Ismi, Andi, Titiah and I. From the discussion, I could get some points. They are situation that can make students motivate to learn if the condition and facilitation could support the teaching and learning at that time, teacher who can vary assessment to the students and have value when teaching like respect to students and learner that have spirit to learn more without scare to be failed.

Ms Lydia summed up all issues that discussed in each circle and wrote it on the board. She gave the main concept and asked us to do reading and discussion on group of three. My group had Self- Regulation topic, we should make summary of it through discussion. Our group found, Zimmerman stated that there are three types of self-regulation; they are self-regulation of motivation, self-regulation of behavior, and self-regulation of cognitive. After that, we did two stray-one stay. From the explanation Desy’s group I got that class structured is about mastery and performance focused. From another explanation that I followed, I got that teacher should be care and have self-efficacy. It could make students more interested and motivated on learning. As teacher candidate, we should be aware to these three main points. It is not as simple as read the article of it, we should practice and apply it into our classroom and it’s sooooo hard. hahaha


Ratih Anindiya – 2009110002


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