01 Nov

This article was adapted from “The Connection between Emotion and Learning “ by Candy Lawson, Ph.D.

EmotionEmotions are the feelings that color our lives and allow us to experience all of the joys and sorrows of life. Dr. Paul Ekman, an expert in the field of emotion, has identified four core emotions that are universally experienced and recognized: fear, anger, sadness and enjoyment. Most researchers believe that there are many families or dimensions of these emotions that result from the myriad blends, variations and nuances that are possible. For example, sorrow, loneliness, grief, dejection and despair are associated with sadness while happiness, joy, delight, contentment and amusement are associated with enjoyment.

Our thoughts and emotions can strongly affect motivation. Motivation is a drive or desire that compels us to do something. If we think we are a good singer, we will likely be motivated to become a member of our church choir. If we think we can’t sing, we won’t. Often students don’t seem to be motivated in school. They don’t want to do homework or schoolwork and believe that they have no control over their grades. They believe that they are dumb or stupid. Even though they put out effort, they are never successful and fail to achieve their goals. As a result, they begin to feel stressed out by school and start to feel helpless and hopeless. In this situation, their thoughts affected or caused their negative feelings. Other times students seem unmotivated because they are anxious or depressed. As a result, they have trouble concentrating in school and can’t keep their mind on their work. They may think too much about personal problems and focus on the negative. In this situation, their emotions affected or caused their negative thoughts. In both situations, a lack of motivation prevents new learning; it “turns off the switch”.

So in another words, we can conclude that good emotion has strong effect to increase students’ motivation to learn. Kind of emotions that student’s need to increase students’ motivation is good emotion, such as: happiness, joy and delight. Then, teacher should be able to direct the students’ emotion in order to increase students’ motivation through positive reinforcement.


Written by Group 1:

Desy Ayu Budi Pertiwi

Dian Eki Purwanti

Mita Pustari

Riyan Fajri

Shinta Puspita Kencanasari

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