“I Not Stupid” Class – Week 6

01 Nov

This week was totally different with the five previous weeks. Why? Because we have one main activity that we liked so much. Yap, the activity was watching a movie. The title from that movie is I Not Stupid. At first, I assumed that the movie was boring and not so understandable. I thought that the movie is talking about motivation, which is quite far from comedy and fun things. When Ms Lydia asked us to choose between Facing The Giant and that movie, I personally prefer to Facing The Giant. But, It was also okay for me to watch I Not Stupid, since I haven’t watch that movie yet at that time.


Unfortunately, the movie was so entertaining!!! My first thought that the movie will be boring and not understandable is totally wrong. I Not Stupid was packaged in a funny way, but still had the messages that can be used by the audience. This movie was talking about the friendship between 3 friends (Terry Khoo, Liu Kok Pin and Ang Boon Hock) in the sixth grade. They class, EM3, is known as the class for the naughty and unmotivated students. So, people also judged them as the naughty and unmotivated students. They experiences were so interesting. There were friendship, competition, self-concept, honesty, and many other things that existed in that movie.


From that movie, I also got many things that related with my learning experiences about motivation. First, I remember again about intrinsic and extrinsic motivation. For example, the intrinsic motivation shown when Boon Hock’s motivation is raised intrinsically when his teacher (Ms Lee) said that he can master Mathematics if he loved and befriend with it. The extrinsic motivation shown when Kok Pin made his mother’s illness become his motivation to get 90 for his mathematics test. This condition also shown that setting goals is influencing someone’s motivation in doing something. I also reflected on the belief about intelligence. The other students besides Terry Khoo, Kok Pin and Boon Hock are the example of students with entity. They labeling themselves as not capable to get better score in their test. They also assumed that they were in EM3 because of their parents’ heritage. The incremental shown by the three students. They believed that they were able to get the better score if they put more effort to get it. Finally, they used their results as the facts that they can improve their ability better.


This movie was so inspiring and really taught us about motivation. This movie also motivated me personally to become an inspiring teacher what Ms Lee show in the movie. This is important to create an inspiring and meaningful learning experiences for the students. 🙂


Jonathan Saputra



Posted by on November 1, 2011 in Reflection week 6


2 responses to ““I Not Stupid” Class – Week 6

  1. aiiufull

    November 1, 2011 at 9:42 pm

    Nice reflection joey, 🙂
    Well, in my opinion, not only the three students who have incremental view of intelligence but also the teacher. And the great thing is she can influence her belief to her students.

  2. Faqih_Al_Adyan

    November 2, 2011 at 8:38 am

    Hi Joey,
    The movie was so inspiring, indeed. I like your posting because you gives clear explanation about theory that related to the movie scenes. Well, I also have same intention to you about being a motivating teacher like Ms. lee. We have same interests..hahaha 😀


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