I not stupid, i’m just UNDERPRESSURE!

01 Nov

This meeting was a bit relaxes session because lecturer promised us to watch a movie. The title was I not stupid. However, it took some couple of minutes for finding the CD of its movie. Before we watched and Ms Lydia prepared the movie, she gave us reading about today topic and related to the movie. This was about the influence of goals on motivation to learn.

Mainly, this is a Singaporean movie. The story was mainly about 3 students who strives their best to be so-called smart. The first student was a poor boy who has to take care on his sister and mother’s store while he is doing his school assignments. His teacher said that he was a quite smart but lazy student. He wanted to be a smart student so that there will be no one who underestimates him. He wanted to be perceived as a smart student by his peers, teachers, and family. Second student was a boy that comes from the lucky family, because his family is rich, has a big house, and also has a company. He did not have a good growth in his life because he never had a decision to his life, even he could not make a drink for himself. His parents do not provide a challenge for him to do something. In other words, he only sits but he can get everything he wants. Other student was a boy who lives with fear. Every time he makes bad scores, his mother would beat him using a rattan. His mother always judge him as a lazy student, doctrine it every day. He even tried to do a suicide. He strive his best to not having a bad score so that his mother will not be beating him anymore.

By this movie and related in to reading material, first and second character include example of performance-avoidance goals; goals that focuses on avoiding looking incompetent and being judged unfavorably. This last character goal also gave the example of social goals; goals to achieve particular outcomes or interactions. In addition, this movie was reminding me about multiple intelligence, some people are expert on one thing, but they left out on some other thing. Last character was really bad on math but he was perfectly good on drawing.

The crucial issue of this movie was the important of social relationship (parents, peers, and teacher) for students’ motivation in learning. This movie also showed that teacher could make student learn better if they can motivate them. When the new math teacher taught, she could manage the class, care and understanding each type of students, and also giving vary assignments. Feedback for students could be ‘wake up call’ to increase motivation of them. She was being an extrinsic motivation of students, and when the time goes by, one of her students realized, that trying harder and learning better could make him understand mathematics.

I really agree that the goals will give a strong effect to our motivation. I felt it everyday. Goals for me are just like our destination. Belief is our starting point. Needs are our logistic to arrive at dreamland. The motivation itself is the fuels to move our body so it can be keep moving forward or backward. Belief, needs, and motivation are supporting each other to achieve our goals. Well, I do believe that every goal made for motivating me to learn. Therefore, to be a teacher, I have to understand my students’ goals so I can motivate them.

Ratih Anindiya


2 responses to “I not stupid, i’m just UNDERPRESSURE!

  1. evikvedpriagung

    November 2, 2011 at 3:11 am

    nice posting ratih, yeah i agree with you that Belief, needs, and motivation are supporting each other to achieve our goals, and it can motivate students to reach their goal and motivate them to be good. thant for this posting. 🙂

    • ratihanindiya

      November 2, 2011 at 7:11 am

      thank you Evik.. day by day we’ve been realizing how motivation can affect student on learning, performing and growing 😉



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