Let’s them express, what they wanna do………

01 Nov

I Not Stupid, What a nice movie it is!

My first impression when I saw this movie is “it is going to be sad”, because I assumed that Korean drama always melancholic and dramatic. Well, that’s why I must be ready with a piece of tissue J

This movie is kind of education movie, so many lesson learnt that I can reflect to my life. Especially me who am going to be a teacher, I learn the way of their teacher in treating the students. I like the way in motivating the students. What I still remember is when she was appreciating her student’s drawing (it such an external motivation for him). Actually, her student was drawing during her lesson but what she did to him?. Did she get angry? No…. she was not angry any more. She felt happy and appreciated what the student did. “What a nice drawing it is!”. That’s the teacher said to him. The students was so happy, he felt that there was still a person who appreciate his drawing. That’s why, he is so enthusiastic while the teacher asked him to make drawing for her (in this case, teacher wants to increase students self-efficacy which is beliefs about capability). He felt that no one care with his drawing even his parents. He never gets any support from his parents especially his mother. His mother always pushed him to master in mathematics and English. Her mom thought that for defending his self to the community, he should master in English and mathematics. She was so worried to her kid, when he just put his focus on drawing. How came drawing help him to defend in community? (By this condition we can see that the needs of belonging which is about love and acceptance from family was not really fulfill – regarding to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs).Oh God!!! I was really hurt by that. Did she ever notice that her kid was so talented?. At this moment, if I can face that people I will tell something to her and said. “Hey Miss, How lucky you are having him as your kid”J. But I guess, it’s not really realizing her. The wise way was the teacher’s way. She sent his student’s drawing to drawing competition. And fortunately, that drawing was becoming the winner. So, since that moment her mother noticed that his kid is so talented. Waw… what a great things she’s did!

Ya that’s story was really inspired me. Interesting!!! Well, as a teacher candidate who is also going to be a parent in school, let’s appreciate our students work and try to understand what our students needJ.


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Posted by on November 1, 2011 in Reflection week 6


One response to “Let’s them express, what they wanna do………

  1. evikvedpriagung

    November 2, 2011 at 2:54 am

    Nice reflection mbak,
    I agree with you, if I meet the parent, I will be said like you., but it will be a lesson for us, if we will be a prent or teacher, we must know our children/ students. don’t judge them and don’t force them. everyone is unique and has their ability, right???


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