Reflection: I not Stupid Movie

01 Nov

On the previous meeting, Ms. Lydia explained to us about the task of mid semester. We have to make a paper and presentation based on our teaching experiences. After that, she asked us which one did we want to do? Read an article that she has given to us, or watch a movie? Ofcourse we all want to watch a movie. The movie’s title is “I Not Stupid”. I tells us about three students in the slowest class. Each of the has unique problems, but I know that the problem often occure in our surrounding. First about Terry Khoo. Terry is a rich boy. His mother, Mrs. Khoo is authoritarian parents. She always tell her children that she is the best mother ever. She controls her family, especially her children. She believe that all the things that she gave or done will cause the benefit for her children. These are show as that she has beliefs about attainment value.

Because of his mother influences, Terry growth to be a boy that always following his mother instruction or rules. He become a slower boy because his mother always serve him, he also very obedient, spoiled, and believe his mother that he cannot interfered others’ business. Although his close friends need his advocacy. His mother influencing his self efficacy through her past performance and verbal persuassion. But in the end of the movie, he finally can reject the bad influence from her mother. He realyzes his weaknesses and become stonger than before. This starts froms the exterinsic motivation from his two friends, Ang Boon Hock and Liu Kok Pin.

Same with Terry, Liu Kok Pin has mother that very athoritarian. The mother of Kok Pin is very strict and angry. She want her son improve mathematical and English ability to get a certificate, because she believe that the important thing in their country is certificate to get a job or continueing study. She forces Kok Pin to master the matery of mathematic and English because Kok Pinj is very slow in those materials. She also give negative reinforcement by bullying Kok pin. The motivation in Kok Pin’s mother is about beliefs beliefs about utility value and beliefs about future outcomes.

Aida Rahmi



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2 responses to “Reflection: I not Stupid Movie

  1. evikvedpriagung

    November 2, 2011 at 3:22 am

    nice posting Aida, this movie is very great,
    I agree that the Kok Pin mother only focus on future outcomes, but I think his mother is still has love for Kok Pin, but the way to show it is wrong right??? heheheheh, It can be a lesson for s, to be a good parent, don’t force our children. 🙂

  2. Desyahrir Pertiwi

    November 2, 2011 at 8:06 am

    i do agree, nice posting it is 🙂
    ya actually Kok Pin’s mother is really love him, but her mother probabily didn’t know how to express that. so in another word, in parenting children there was not an expert way, but just know your children very well is more than enough actually 🙂


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