Reflection Week 6

01 Nov

Our last meeting was really enjoy and exciting, in the first session ms.Lydia gave us reading paper about “The influence of goals on motivation to learn” and “The influence of interest and emotion on motivation to learn”. Then Fitri and I read part by part, Fitri read about “The influence of interest and emotion” and I read about “The influence of goals on motivation to learn”. Our reading didn’t really focus because actually in this meeting we want to watch a movie, then we keep our reading and continue with watching an interesting and inspiring movie. The title of that movie is “I Not Stupid”, this is a Singaporean movie about the stories of 3 primary students. One of students have talent in drawing but low in science and English, but his mother force him to only focus on those subjects. The other one is smart students, but he needs to manage his time to study and help his mother. And the last student is spoiled by his mother and he’s not usual with solve his problem by himself.

I Not Stupid

The students who have talent in drawing more prefer to drawing than learn something that he felt hard to understand like science and english, but his mother always force him to study hard on those subjects. Because he didn’t gave any positif progress in learning science and english, his mother force him by giving punishment. His mother want him to have performance goal which can make him have a goal to competence in comparison to others because his mother doesn’t want him being humiliated by others. She thought that it will be motivate him to learn science and english. But it doesn’t work. Why? sometimes students seem unmotivated because they are anxious or depressed. He have trouble to concentrating in school, it caused his negative feelings, stressed, and he believe that he is stupid because of environment influence like punisment from his mother and other people that blame him as stupid student. It can be cause that he always fail in archieve his goals. Like what my group said in our article, “good emotion has strong effect to increase students’ motivation to learn, then teacher should be able to direct the students’ emotion in order to increase students’ motivation through positive reinforcement”.


Thank you

Hopefully all of us can enjoy our last meeting before UTS, 🙂

Mita Pustari






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4 responses to “Reflection Week 6

  1. Shinta Puspita

    November 1, 2011 at 8:40 pm

    Dear Mita,
    I agree with you, when a students feel anxiety or depressed, it will decrease his/her motivation to learn.
    So, as a teacher, we should be able to give students motivation through positive reinforcement, or fun and meaningful activities to make them feel good when they are learning.
    Then, after they have good feeling / emotion, we also can increase their motivation to learn.

    “Being a teacher is not easy, but it doesn’t mean it is impossible”

  2. Faqih_Al_Adyan

    November 2, 2011 at 8:23 am

    Dear Mita,
    Your reflection gives me a sight about the application of goals’ influence for helping students to learn. It’s really helpful because you state a contextual case of the theory from the movie. Yes, I agree that teacher should direct students’ emotion to help students learn by giving positive reinforcement. Nevertheless, could you tell me what kind of positive reinforcement should be given by teachers?

  3. aidacho2

    November 2, 2011 at 8:28 am

    Dear Mita,
    Nice reflection,, I agree with you,
    we cannot force the children to do something that is not their passion or may be they don’t have ability to do that, because they have their own talent or intelligence, right?
    As parents, she could explore her son’s talents and if it is possible, she can related it with science and English subject that she force to her so to be learned. 🙂

  4. mimitgugu

    November 2, 2011 at 9:07 am

    Thank you all,

    Especially for Faqih, in this case he (I forgot his name) got punishment from his mother that always force him. If we look at from the case, actually positive reinforcement not only be expected to the teacher but also the parents. Positive reinforcement that can be given are treat or price. They (teacher or parents) can give something as a treat to him for a reward to his hard work while he didn’t get any good result. Also, they should not be blame him as a stupid students because he didn’t gave any good progress, but let’s give him a price like “you did good job” or “I’m proud of your hard work in learn, I believe you can do better than this”. It will be increasing his motivation to learn 🙂

    Sorry if I have any mistakes. Hopefully it will be helpful for you, Faqih 🙂


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