When People said you are stupid!!!,,,

01 Nov

Today I learn about motivation, actually that is great motivation for me. Today Mrs. Lydia show to the all of student to watching a movie. The title of this movie is “I’m not stupid”. When I watch this movie I feeling so sad, and here what I feel about this movie. This movie can make me sad, laugh, and proud with the basic essential of friendship in this movie. This movie begin with a class condition that telling about 3 friends in a class with different background, there are terry Kok Pin, Boon Hock and Terry. They are classmates in “EM3” stream. In Singapore, may be it same as in junior high school in Indonesia.

Boon Hock every day helping out at the food stall of his family when I see Boon Hock I feeling like I in the past time, I must help my mother to get money when I was in junior high school. I teaching my friends and I save the money for pay my school, but I’m still happy hehe. Kok Pin is creative and a born artist but his parents want he focus on his Math, I’m very sad when his mother fell that she must “me-Rotan” or hit by Rattan to her son, because she only want Kok pin smart in mathematics and she heard from her friends, that her friends child’s can increase the score of mathematics when he force her child by hit the child by rattan. I think that was stupid idea because it only can hurt the child double, first we hurt the body because we hit them and the second is the heart because we force something with bad way, why we not using a reward as the forcing tools?,Terry lazy a student and very obey with the parent regulation. When I see this child I feel that he is just want to become good child for his mother and father.

The story is beginning when the father of Terry want to make a new case for his product company, that is Ba Qua, the jerked meat from pig. This project will be held in the company which father of Kok Pin work. But unfortunately the Kok Pin’s father and Terry’s father do not get along, because there is a trouble with them. When Kok Pin’s father want to pick Kok Pin from his school, he park his car in behind of Terry’s father car, so Terry’s father car cannot move anywhere. The trouble coming up, Terry’s fathers speak very loud, and make the traffic in that way. And because of that when Kok Pin’s father explain about new concept to promote the Ba Qua, Terry’s father does not like about the concept and in the last of the career Kok Pin’s father is fired from his job.

The Kok Pin’s family has the other trouble that is Kok Pin’s mother has a sick that is blood cancer, so it make a very serious trouble. But from that situation Kok Pin think that he must to be the best one in math to make his mother proud with Kok Pin. And he tries to learn very hard until the exam. And when he get the result he get rank top 3 in the class with score 56, but when he tell his mother in the hospital suddenly his teacher come in and tell to he and his mother that Kok Pin get the best artist in America drawing competition, but at that time Kok Pin’s mother get fainting and need so much backbone marrow donor. And his teacher spread the news to all of person that he know and wow, the overwhelming response. So much people responses this news and so much people want to be volunteers to donor their backbone marrow.

Terry the lucky one volunteers which have a chance to donor their backbone marrow to Kok Pin’s mother. And from this one the Kok Pin’s father have a miracle from god that is he got project from Terry’s father that was disappointed with the old one Kok Pin’s father company. Kok Pin’s father and Terry’s father work together to make a new way for promote the Ba Qua. And in the end the Kok Pin’s mother was health again, she win from her fighting with the blood cancer, and Kok Pin’s father have new job and new career. And Terry grow to be a great child because in one story he and Boon kidnapped by the ex employer from Terry’s father. And they can run to saving their life by not obey what the kidnapper say.

Boon become a great child too because he always get the best score in the mathematics because he feel mathematics is easy when we already know the outside and the inside on math it’s self and Kok Pin become great artist because he get the scholarship from America and all people support him to take that scholarship. From this story I try to reflect about the theories of motivation that I have learned.

I start from Kok Pin’s story like Maslow’s theories (1967) about “belongingness and love needs, esteem needs and self actualization” he only want that his mother love him and can proud with him, he want that his mother believe that he can proof he have ability in math, so because of that he try to study very hard to get the best score and his mother doesn’t hit him by rattan anymore.

From the Boon’s story I feel like what I do in a few years ago, Maslow (1976) said in “basic needs or psychology needs” that needs of life, safety, health is basic of need in human life. So what Boon do is the way of him to survive in life? He helps his mother to take care the shop, he want to get money to pay the school, to buy a food again and of course to survive in this world.

From Terry story I think he doesn’t freedom for choosing the best of what he feel or he want. For example, every day in the morning he always does not have a chance to put the jam in the bread, so i think he only needs to get his freedom hehe.:)

And if I see the all of contain of this movie is about the factor which can influence the motivation of people. For example Boon because he wants to get money so he much helps his mother to get money, to pay his school. Like Slavin. E Robert(1994:91) said that if you believe you can reach your goal so you will be get it, Boon can show that, he always get the best score in mathematics because he believe when he understand the mathematics inside and outside, so he can understand about that. And the main motivation in here is NEEDS. Needs for survive, needs for freedom, needs for esteem and self actualization.

so from this movie i can take that maybe some people cannot do anything better that what you do, but it’s not because he/she stupid, it’s only because he do not understand very well in that thing. but i believe he also have the great skill that you never see before.


2 responses to “When People said you are stupid!!!,,,

  1. joeypandjaitan

    November 1, 2011 at 7:20 pm

    Dear Andi,

    wow, you can relate the movie with your experience so great. 🙂 Well, may I know how this movie will motivate you to become a good teacher later. 🙂 I’m waiting for your response yaa..

    Jonathan Saputra

  2. titiahdewimasitoh

    November 2, 2011 at 11:31 pm

    Nice post Andi, you are really explore the movie.. 🙂
    May I know what wil you do if you are their teachers?


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