The 10th Week Reflection

28 Nov

This week was so exciting for me, because it was the first week after we went through the mid-term test. The mid-term test went well for me. My group (Aida, Fitri, Hanna, and I) did our best in the presentation. We also gave our best on the report, so we do not have to make any report for the next week.  I felt that I can propose all materials and knowledge that I learn before on the last mid-term. It really feels good and I also feel confident with the result.

Good Communication Skill will produce Good Relationship with others 🙂

Ms. Lidya started the lesson by asking us to write a passage about certain topic. The big topic for this week is Class Structure, Self-regulated Learner, and Teacher Characteristics. The connection between those three aspects is one of the factors that can create an atmosphere which can motivate our students. My topic is about learners. There are several guiding questions, like “what is my most important skill?” and “what value that influence my skill in its development?” Since writing is one of my favorite activities, I did my part without any trouble. I reflected on myself and felt that communication is my strength. I believe that good communication skill will produce a good relationship with others.

After finishing our writing, we went to the group discussion. My group for the discussion is Evik and Desy. Evik wrote about his teacher and Desy wrote about his classroom. We shared what we wrote and gave advices for others. After that, Ms. Lidya divides us again into six groups to present about each certain topic. My last group (Ratih, Huda, and I) was presenting about self-regulated. We found the source on the website and make the presentation on the flip chart. Last activity, Ms. Lidya asked us to do a Two Stay Two Stray activity. I got two times to stay and one time to stray.

Overall, the activities went as smooth as what Ms. Lidya always does. But, there is one part that lacked from this activity today. It was about the reading material. For the presentation, Ms. Lidya asked us to find our own research on the internet or library. For me, I prefer to get the reading material from her. Since this is about presentation, I was afraid that we got a wrong concept about our topic. To be honest, I am still not so sure about self-regulated. But, it will be back again to us as a learner. We need to be able to explore our knowledge, then we will have a meaningful learning. 🙂


Jonathan Saputra

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3 responses to “The 10th Week Reflection

  1. titiahdewimasitoh

    November 28, 2011 at 3:08 pm

    Nice reflection,Jo.
    I agree with you, I feel comfort when Ms. Lidya give us an article/a paper about the topics on the previous meeting. But today, we did not get it to read and we explore it on the internet or library in groups.
    I just feel something is missing… 😦

    • SeñorJoeyPanjaitan

      November 29, 2011 at 7:34 am

      Yup, but we must be able to learn independently.. I feel the same, the materials from Ms Lidya become more legible than my findings.. 😀

  2. Shinta Puspita

    November 29, 2011 at 7:39 am

    I agree with titiah and you, joey..
    I think I need article from Mrs. Lydia to remembering me about the materials, because I have weak Short Term Memory (STM). I afraid, I will forget the materials. 😦


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