Class condition, Self regulated, and Teacher Characteristic

29 Nov

Thursday, November 24, 2011, was the first session of MMSEL subject after midterm. I didn’t know actually what we were going to learn at the time. It was not make me confused, because I knew we would have enjoy learning. As I guest before, we had enjoyed learning. There were varieties activities in this class. Our topic was about class structure, self regulated learner, and teacher characteristics.

In the opening session, our beloved lecture, Mrs. Lydia, divided class into three groups, A, B, and C. each of students get their group and they had to imagine then write about class structure for group A, self regulated learner for group B, and teacher characteristics for group C. We had to write the ideal condition three of part above base on our experience. Ideal condition means that it can influence our motivation to learn.

I myself was in group C, so I had to write about teacher characteristics in my imagination. In writing it, I remembered my senior high school teacher. He was an English teacher. His name is Mr. Yasin. I always remember about him, because he was a different teacher. I felt comfort when he taught me. He could burn my motivation especially in learning. I didn’t know exactly what makes him different from other teacher. He only gave students a simple concept about a meaningful life. He gave students religion value and moral value in this life. I could never forget about him, even he is not a teacher anymore.

After writing about my teacher, Mrs. Lydia asked us to join with other different group that is A and B. My partner for sharing were Faqih from group A, and Huda from group B. Faqih shared about ideal class condition. as i remember, it was consisted of value that is applied in the class such as; respect, inclusive, empathy, and integrity. Huda shared about how learning can improve his self regulated. Huda said learning about ict can improve his self regulated. It is caused he was very inrested in ICT. And through those idea, we shared each other.

After we shared each other, Mrs. Lidya asked us to join with our three of same groups that is group C. I joined with Riyan, Titiah, and Andi. As our lecture asked, we have to search the theory about good teacher characteristics that can improve students learning motivation. We have to present it to other group.

That’s all our activity on MMSEL section last week.  Suddenly, I remember about my beloved teacher (Mr.Yasin). However, he was a good teacher  that can motivate his students by explaining about  meaning of life. I miss him so much.


Nur Arifin (2009110006)



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One response to “Class condition, Self regulated, and Teacher Characteristic

  1. aidacho2

    November 30, 2011 at 9:26 am

    Hi Ipin,
    what a great teacher that you have when you were in senior high school.
    He influence your motivation to learn extrinsically right?
    How about now?
    do you find a lecturer that influence your motivation to learn too??


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