CLAUTCHER CLAss sTructure, Self-regUlated Learners and TeaCHER Characteristics

29 Nov



Tomorrow I get so many lessons from MMSEL; the topic is Class structure, Self-regulated Learners and Teacher Characteristics. Based of my class opinion when we doing groups discussion. I found a so many interesting.

In self regulation I found that self regulation consist of  the process of setting personal goals which can be combined with the motivation in processes, choosing strategies, and behaviors that lead to reaching the goals. As learner it means that we can set our goal first and that we choosing our strategy for getting the goals or making planning for reach our goal.

In Class Structure, I found that ideal class it’s not only about the condition and the environment. It’s also about containing of that class, such as our classmate, our home teacher and etc. in this part we divide topic into Mastery-focused environment and Performance-focused environment.

In Mastery-focused environment I found that a classroom environment is all about the physical state condition such as clean, fresh, and etc. It’s also about the continuous improvement of facilitate, and understandable of each other in the classroom like teacher with student and student with their classmate.

In Performance-focused environment part we also talking about a classroom environment that emphasizes high grades it’s mean that the situation in the classroom can bring a better moody to finding some succeeds way in learning, or we can called the environment can making the student in the classroom feel enthusiastic for learn all lesson, public display of abilities it’s mean that the environment can improve and making student feel free to show what skill that their have in the classroom. And performance compared to others it’s mean the class give opportunity and chance for student to doing competition each other in the classroom.

And the last lesson that I get is Teacher characteristics as Personal qualities that can increase motivation of students to learn. Personal teaching efficacy it’s mean that a belief that he/she can cause all students to learn regardless of prior knowledge, in this part the teacher making the student belief about their ability for solve all the problem based of their own prior knowledge. Modeling and enthusiasm, its mean the teacher should be must communicating to genuine interest of the student to making external motivation of students. Caring, this is the best way for teacher to get the student interesting and students caring. For take the student full attention teacher can giving full of caring so the student will be respect to the teacher because the student feel meeting needs for belonging and relatedness with the students. The last is Teacher expectation, all of teacher absolutely want to  increasing perceptions of students competence it’s cause teacher want to making their student better. So in every course and every teacher the beginning of we start as teacher is when we start to focus our goal setting for our student. With goal setting it can making good strategy and better preparation.

I think that all from my reflection, thanks,,, J









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