Reflection week 10

29 Nov

When I entered the class, the lecturer was writing on the whiteboard. Before it, she divided us into 3 groups. Then, she gave us some questions based on our group. In fact, there are three things that motivate students in learning. There are teacher’s characteristic, learner’s self regulation, and classroom environment. I was in the Classroom group, actually. I read the questions in power point which is shown for me as a guideline to answer or share something about classroom and the other groups got their own questions. For example, in Classroom group “What the characteristic of a classroom which motivates you in learning?” and so on.

After that, we have to write our answers in a piece of paper. I was confused what I have to write there, because sometimes it’s hard for me to transfer what is in my mind into my writing in a paper. When I haven’t finished all yet, the lecturer asked us to make a group of three. Each group consists of one person from each Teacher, Learner, and Classroom group. We have to share about our own answer. First, my friend told about motivation from a Learner side. She said that she got motivation from herself, because she wants to master what she is learned. She did what she wanted to did. And the other friend told us from the Teacher side. He shared about his teacher when he was in Senior High School. He said that the teacher was firm and the explanation were understandable, so that make his motivation increased. Finally, I shared to my friend about the characteristic from Classroom side. A good classroom must be clean and have appropriate class size, so make the students feel comfortable. A good teacher and classmates are also important to build motivation for the student. Because, if the teacher is good in engage the students, and the classmates are support each other, the classroom will have a good environment for learning process.

After we discuss about that, the lecturer write some points from our discussion on the whiteboard. Then, we see the similarities and the differences between those all (Teacher, Learner, and Classroom). Next, we were divided into some groups again. Each group has to find out all of the things about Mastery focused and Performance focused, based on our first group topic. We can find the resources from both of books or internet. After that, we wrote the summary of Mastery focused and Performance focused on the flip-chart. I have known that Mastery focused is about students’ learning to understand and mastering the lesson/ material. Performance focused is about the result of students’ work and the student feels like somebody. After that, we have to present our own work. Each member of each group got the opportunity to present, and the other member can move to learn the other topics from any else groups.



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Posted by on November 29, 2011 in Reflection week 10


One response to “Reflection week 10

  1. hudamarofiq

    November 29, 2011 at 7:39 pm

    I agree with you statement that good and motivating classroom should be has good teacher and good classmates besides appropriate size and clean condition. I emphasize on good teacher and good classmates because I think those aspects is the most important part. Good friends could motivate us to learn, even though we learn in the class that lack of facility, appropriate size, or clean. This condition will become better if the teacher could increase students’ motivation. No matter the class condition, if the classmates are good and the teacher is great, students will be motivated to learn. But still, appearance and condition also important to support motivating class in conducive and comfortable aspects.



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